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 New Book Idea

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Blood Reaper SCG
Blood Reaper SCG

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PostSubject: New Book Idea   Thu Jan 29, 2009 4:28 pm

Guys, I'm intending to write a new book (I have tried several others but I messed 'em up) and wanted to know what you thought of the story line.

Only constructive critisism, NO MOCKERY!

Name: Haven't thought of a title yet...
Protagonist: Ryan (AzureWolf)
Antagonist: Viral Core (Fatal Glitch)

Plot: New game comes out (yr. 2591 [approx.]) for PowerSphere gaming system. game is a VRRPG (VIRTUAL-REALITY-ROLE-PLAYING-GAME) in which the player becomes the character via virtual reality. the game is based in medival times, and is online/multiplayer... Think Oblivion with online capabilities...

Anyway, so Ryan hooks it up and starts it. He creates his character with the name 'AzureWolf'. He completes the game tutorials, and encounters another player, a female. Her name is 'AshRose', and they party up to play the game. They enounter monsters, fight, and win. As they play, two more characters join AzureWolf's party: CrimsonDragon and OpalWarrior.

They are ambushed by several other players, whom they defeat. AzureWolf is then asked to Log Out and return to the real world, where he discovers a local kid has been murdered. He was found in his room, the TV on, with the words "GAME OVER" displayed. the boy himself was cut up, as if with a sword, and gore has splashed on the screen.

This in turn leads to the discovery that a fatal glitch has entered the game, known as the Viral Core. It causes anyone who plays the game to be linked entirely to it, so that if they die in the Virtual World, they perish in the Real World. So, AzureWolf goes on a quest to find the source of the problem, the Viral Core, and destroy it whatever way he can. AshRose, CrimsonDragon, and OpalWarrior go with him. They go to see if they have what it takes to save millions of lives, and make this game safe to play once more...
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nick macc SCG
nick macc SCG

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Tokyo xtreme racer rp: 200

PostSubject: Re: New Book Idea   Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:40 pm

well Dan cant wait for this book to be posted but its been like almost a year are you going to wright it lol cant wait.


SCG Co -Creator
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New Book Idea
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