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 We're still here!

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PostSubject: We're still here!   Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:11 am

So this site seems to have gone super-quiet over the last...what? Three? Four years? People have gone their opposite ways and such. Some don't even play games anymore.

We've gotten to the point to where SCG is no longer a super-pro clan, but that doesn't mean we should just be punted aside. Right now, the only people using this site are probably me and Nick. And I've been thinking (and I know Nick will agree with me) that the clan can still live on. But in a more laid-back manner. Just because we're a clan doesn't mean we have to be super-competitive badasses. I think a change of slogan is in order.

SCG: Gaming Perfected? Maybe that doesn't fit us anymore.

In my opinion, there's no point in playing a game if you're not having fun. And that's what I want to focus on. I want this to be a clan full of friendly, laid-back people that just want to have similar people to get together and play with without any problems. Get together, make REAL friends, and schedule gaming dates to get together on Xbox LIVE and just hang out. There are quite a few big games that are out lately, as well as some great classics.

How would you like a big-team battle on Halo: Reach with NO ONE BUT YOUR CLANMATES? Or a big house party and cruising session on Test Drive Unlimited 2? Car meet on Forza 4? Or even better: Forza Horizon? Come on. How does that NOT sound like fun? Who wants to be trash-talked and trolled every night by random drunk idiots? Let's build...not a clan, but a COMMUNITY. I want this to get LARGE. Everyone here is friendly, and even if we don't all get on to play games, we can still chat on here about whatever you want. Share YouTube videos, music tastes...whatever the case may be. Maybe you had a bad day and just want to let off some steam with a rant. We'll listen to you and maybe even help you out if we can.

I'll be frequenting this site as much as I can from now on. If you need a good read, check under the "SCG #1 Novel" thread. There's my old story, Tokyo Xtreme Racer, as well as a few other things I'll be posting up. For example, me and a friend had done a Halo roleplay that really kicked off. I've been putting the sessions up for people to read. We're trying to make the site as interesting as possible and give you tons to do. At some point I'd like to upload some old videos I like. Maybe even the Wangan Midnight movie (with English subs, of course). I hope for this to turn out to be a popular community that many will enjoy being a part of.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Can't wait to meet you.

Welcome to Shadow Core Gaming.

Clan Manager

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We're still here!
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