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Fettman 53 SCG

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PostSubject: Halo Roleplay   Halo Roleplay EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 3:23 am

This is a non-canon Halo roleplay that was started back when Halo: Reach was first released. Though it hadn't been worked on for years, it has recently been started up again and there is a good chance that there will be updates. The roleplay revolved around a character played by my friend, Rusty, and therefore most storytelling is done as though being talked to directly. Basically, I was too lasy to edit it any further than I had already, so Rusty will be referred to as "you." Just so it makes sense. I will be posting soon, so be ready for some hardcore shit. *BASS DROP*

Thank you and goodnight.

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Fettman 53 SCG
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Clan Manager
Fettman 53 SCG

Number of posts : 130
Age : 29
Location : Winchester, VA
Registration date : 2009-01-10

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Tokyo xtreme racer rp: 200

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PostSubject: Re: Halo Roleplay   Halo Roleplay EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 3:24 am

*You walk into a small briefing room. The Colonel is standing there at the view screen. He is old, probably in his early 50's. He wears a grey military suit.*

Colonel: Hmmm....*looking at viewscreen*

Rusty: *sits there silently*

Colonel: *doesn't know you're there*

Colonel: *presses a button and pulls up another screen*

Rusty: Uh...sir?

Colonel: *turns* Ah. Spartan. You must be the new member for Delta Team. *walks up and holds out his hand for you to shake*

Rusty: *shakes his hand* Yes sir.

Colonel: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come in. *smirk* Guess what they say about you guys is true.

Rusty: It is, sir.

*You are led into a small room full of weapon canisters, and five other Spartans messing with their equipment and weapons*

Colonel: That's the commander over there.

*The commander is punching something into a datapad*

Commander: *looks up* You the new five?

Rusty: Yes sir.

Commander: *He has a voice of someone young, in his mid-20s* Come over here a minute.

Rusty: *walks over*

Commander: I read your file. I'm glad to have your skill set. I'm Stephen, Delta One. You can call me Steve, or just One. Whatever you prefer. *takes off his helmet. He's a man in his mid-20's, with a friendly face and a buzz cut*

Rusty: Steve....ok.

Steve: *looks over at a Spartan with purple and red armor, looking over some rockets*

Steve: That's Delta Two. Keesha. She's the explosives and demolition expert. You need something blown up, she's the one you go to.

Keesha: *takes off her helmet. she is a black woman, also in her mid-20s, with short, neatly-combed black hair and brown eyes* Yo.

Rusty: Hey.

Steve: You can call her Two, or if you prefer...

Keesha: Everyone here calls me Keesh.

Steve: *shrug*

Rusty: What do you prefer?

Keesha: I DON'T prefer.

Rusty: Ok then.

Steve: *Points to a Spartan wearing light, white armor with blue highlights, with a sniper rifle taken apart, cleaning the parts*

Steve: Delta Three. Emily. Best shot I've seen in a long time. Good long range...OR close range. *looks at the Magnum on her side*

Emily: *takes her helmet off to reveal a young girl, probably 21, with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes.* Not really that hard.

Steve: Call her Three, or just Emily.

Steve: *Motions toward another female Spartan, wearing light, red armor with a CQB helmet* Delta Three. Amy. Probably one of the best in the field. She's pretty decent all around, no matter what it is.

Rusty: Hmm...*looks at Amy*

Amy: *takes her helmet off to reveal a girl about 19 or 20 years old, with dandelion-gold hair just a bit longer than Emily's shoulder-length hair and sapphire blue eyes* Pleasure.

Rusty: It's nice to meet you.

Steve: You're our new five, and that's our new six. Just came in not too long before you. *looks at the last Spartan, wearing dark red armor with a recon helmet, messing with the scope of what looks to be a battle rifle*

Steve: Haven't gotten aquainted with the two of you yet though.

Emily: *still cleaning her rifle* So. What about you, five? How about letting us get to know you better?

Keesha: Got a name?

Steve: His name is Rusty. Why don't you take off your helmet, five? Have a seat.

Rusty: *Takes off his helmet to reveal his face, along with a scare going down the middle of it*

Keesha: Nice. Got one on my chest. Damn Elites.

Rusty: I hate those damn things...

Emily: Miss your team?

Rusty: I always focus on the missions.

Steve: I'm not going to let the same thing that happened to your team happen to mine. We're a TEAM. We'll work together.

Amy: *looks over at six*

*Everyone looks at six, silently tweaking the scope on his BR*

Steve: Six.

Six: ........

Steve: Six!

Six: *looks up* Oh! Sorry.

Steve: Come on, six. None of this lone wolf stuff now. We're a team. And you're a part of it.

Six: Yes, sir...

*Six has a familiar voice*

Rusty: You sound familiar...

Emily: So? Got a name?

Keesha: *smirks* And a face?

Six: ........... *takes off helmet to reveal...Kevin. Without glasses, his hair short, and a few small scars here and there* Kevin.

Rusty: Kevin?!

Kevin: Why are you so surprized? We signed up at the same time. *holds out a hand*

Rusty: Yeah, but I didnt expect to see you again after we went on different teams! *shakes his hand*

Steve: Glad you two know each other. Five, I'm counting on you to keep six open with us.

Kevin: ......

Rusty: Ill try sir.

Emily: *grins*

Steve: Take a weapon or two, boys. It's time to saddle up.

Rusty: Ok. *grabs a shot gun and a spartan laser*

Keesha: *puts a hand on your shoulder* You won't be needing that. *takes the Spartan Laser and hands you...a grenade launcher* Trust me.

Kevin: We have grenade launchers now?

Rusty: I guess we do.

Steve: *puts his helmet on and seals it* Helmets on! Let's roll out, people.

Rusty: Sir!

*Everyone puts their helmets on and seals them*

*The team walks out to the Pelican and piles in, and it takes off*

Steve: Okay, listen up. Command has lost contact with Outpost 7-B. We're going to find out what's going on.

Emily: Any intel?

Steve: Negative. Stay sharp, Deltas.

Keesha: There it is! *looks down at the outpost, smoking and in ruin*

Rusty: Right.

Emily: Damn.

Steve: Keesha?

Keesha: Looks like plasma damage.

Steve: Alright, you heard her. Covenant forces may be nearby. Three, we'll drop you off here, then head down in ourselves. Lock and load, Deltas! We're moving out!

*the Pelican drops Emily off on a ledge overlooking the outpost, then flies in low, and everyone jumps out*

Emily: All clear. No tangos in sight.

Steve: Keep a lookout, three. Five, you got point.

Rusty: I have a feeling that they're close...

Amy: Eyes on the motion trackers.

Kevin: Nothing but us.

Steve: Let's move further in. There may be surviving marines.

Rusty: I've learned to trust my instict as well. The motion trackers don't always help. That's why my last team....disappeared.

Steve: Acknowledged. Trust visuals more than trackers, people. That's good advice.

*You advance cautiously toward the outpost interior*

Keesha: This outpost has a bunker underground. We should scout the place.

Rusty: Right. * a feeling creeps down his spine* I don't think were alone.

Steve: Three, watch the entrance. Any movement, report in at once.

Emily: Got it. Activating camo. *goes invisible*

Steve: Let's move in.*You head down the stairs, with red lights flashing along the walls*

Steve: Check your corners.

Keesha: *looks around the corner to the right* Clear.

Rusty: *looks to the left* Clear.

Steve: Move up to the left.

Rusty: *nods*

*You move up towards the doorway to the left, leading into a dark room lit by a blue light*

Amy: Movement up ahead.

Steve: Five, check it out. our six.

Kevin: Sir.

Rusty: *Moves into the next room*

*You walk up cautiously to one of the machines, your motion tracker showing a white dot (meaning unknown)*

Rusty: Hmmm...

*As you get closer, you hear a groan. you run up to see that it is a teenage girl, with two purple, glowing needles in her stomach. she's twisting in pain, leaning against the machine*

Rusty: *over the com* I found a survivor!

Steve: Two, four, move in. Six, stay on the door.

*Keesha and Amy run up*

Rusty: Hang on, you're going to be ok.

Girl: *tears of pain run down cheeks*

Rusty: We got to get these things out of her!

Amy: I can try my best. We lost our team medic, so I'm all we've got.

Rusty: *pulls out a canister of bio foam* And I know a thing or two.

*Amy carefully goes to grab the needles. As she touches one, the girl yelps in pain.*

Amy: It's going to hurt a little.

Rusty: I know it hurts, but you gotta work with us, ok?

Keesha: *pats the girl's shoulder reassuringly*

*she screams in pain as Amy slowly pulls them out and tosses them away. There are two gaping holes in her stomach now, and she begins bleeding*

Amy: Bio-foam!

Rusty: Right! *uses bio foam*

*girl still screams*

Keesha: Shhh. It's okay now. You're gonna be okay.

Steve: Two, status.

Keesha: She's wounded. Patched her up, but I don't know how long it'll hold.

Steve: Copy.

Rusty: I'll carry her. You guys watch my back.

Steve: Negative. Six, stay here with her. The rest of us will move into the bunker.

*Kevin walks over to her*

Rusty: Will do.

*You move into the next room, to find that it's the last room*

Amy: Huh...nothing's here.

Rusty: Don't be too sure...

Steve: Alright. Looks like we were too late. Whatever was here is gone now. Let's get back to the surface.

Steve: Six, prep the civilian for evac. Five, take point. We're going to- *all of a sudden, an elite in white armor jumps out from behind a machine, plasma sword at the ready, and slices at Kevin and the girl. He rolls, with the girl under him to protect her*

Emily: What's going on in there?!


*everyone starts firing*

Rusty: I had a feeling that there was something here!

Rusty: *pulls out shotgun* I'm on it!

*Elite sees you approach and slices at you*

Rusty: *dodges and shoots at the same time* Too slow!

*Elite's shields go down, and it growls angrily, grabbing your shotgun by the barrell* (note that Elites have the same strength as a Spartan)*

Rusty: *fires off another round*

*Steve shoots the elite in the sword hand before it can deliver the final blow to you, and the Elite reels back in pain*

Rusty: *looks at the Elite angrily* Fuck you! *delivers the final blow to the Elite*

Steve: Tango down...

*girl is screaming*

Steve: Two, deal with her.

Keesha: Got it.

Rusty: *picks up the Elite's sword* I could use this...

Steve: I have no problem with that. Just don't weigh yourself down too much with weapons.

Emily: Pelican inbound.

Rusty: *looks at the girl* How is she holding up?

Keesha: Shhh. Shhh. It's okay. We'll protect you.

Steve: Delta team, get topside.

*Keesha picks the girl up*

Rusty: *looks at the girl* What's your name?

*The girl is too frightened to speak*

Steve: Move it, Delta!

Rusty: Let's get some where safe.

*You walk outside to see a Pelican drop a Warthog. Keesha loads the girl into the back of the Pelican, and the Marines take care of her as they take off*

Emily: Only one Warthog?

Rusty: I'll drive!

Amy: Negative. I'm the team driver.

Steve: Five, I read your file, and I want you on that turret.

Rusty: Right! *climbs in the turret*

Steve: Command should be dropping off another Warthog soon. Three, take shotgun. We'll meet up with you later. Let's chase down the rest of the Covenant team before they get to Outpost 7-C.

*Emily climbs in the passenger seat and pulls out her pistol*

Emily: Comfy. Let's roll.

Steve: Three, until I get to you, you're in charge. Keep 'em in line.

Emily: Sir.

*Amy drives on the dirt road, toward the next outpost*

Rusty: *looks at the surrounding area* Damn, these Covenant don't fuck around. Why here though?

Emily: If you get the chance, maybe you can ask them.

Rusty: Interrogation huh? I like the way you think.

Emily: *grins inside her helmet* You're odd for a Spartan.

Rusty: You have no idea.

Amy: Approaching outpost.

Emily: Okay, we'll stay low and wait for- *suddenly, blue plasma is fired from above* !!!

Amy: Banshees!


Rusty: *starts firing at the banshees*

Amy: There are too many of them!

Rusty: Why do you think Steve had me man the turret?!

*You shoot one down, and the other dodges your shots. Then another flies in low and fires its fuel rod*

Emily: Amy!

Amy: Dammit!

Rusty: You son of a bitch! *continues firing at the banshees* Keep it steady if you can!

*the fuel rod blast hits the ground behind the Warthog, and the explosion sends it flying, flipping in the air*

Emily: Hold on to something!

Rusty: Ahhhhhh!!!!!

*As it hits the ground, you fall out, rolling on the ground*

Rusty: Rrrr...oww...

*the Warthog rolls, parts flying, and comes to a stop upside-down, smoking*

Rusty: That's it! I have HAD it! *pulls out grenade launcher*

Rusty: You fuck with the bull, you get the horns!

Emily: Forget it! Take cover in the outpost!

Amy: Warthog is toast. Let's get to cover.

Emily: Five! Let's go!

Rusty: Right!

Rusty: *runs to the outpost*

*as the three of you run inside, you look to the right and stop. Three grunts stand there, looking at you all. One begins to shudder, and suddenly they all burst into terrified screams, running for their lives*

Rusty: Don't let them escape!

Emily: Four, take care of them!

Amy: *runs up super-fast and knifes one in the back, then pulls out her assault rifle and shoots the other two, not missing a shot*

Emily: Five! Take care of those banshees! But stay in cover! I don't need to lose another teammate.

Rusty: *pulls out grenade laucher and smiles* Will do.

*a banshee fires on you*

Rusty: *dodges and fires at the banshee*

*the grenade misses*

Rusty: C'mon...just need a clear shot... *fires at the banshee again*

*it hits, but bounces off, exploding just a bit too late*

Rusty: Fuck! *hides in cover and reloads the launcher*

Steve: *on coms* Status.

Emily: We're fucked!!

Steve: Three?

Emily: Banshees overhead! Pinning us down! Can't move!

Rusty: We're pinned down! Hog's been destroyed!

Steve: Copy. Rolling in now.

*as you go to shoot another banshee, you see that one is coming right for you, readying his fuel rod*

Rusty: *fires grenade launcher and dodges*

*the grenade bounces off, also exploding too late. The fuel rod blast explodes near you, taking your shields down to half, as well as Emily's, who was right beside of you*

Emily: Agh!

Amy: Enemies coming out of the bunker! Two elites and a pack of grunts!

Emily: Dammit! We're being flanked!

Amy: They're trying to distract us to give the banshees a better shot!

Rusty: We're spartans! Can you take the banshees while I handle our guests on the ground?

Emily: I don't have anything to take out those banshees! We're screwed! Just stay in cover! Shoot 'em as you see 'em! And hope for a miracle...

*the grunts run up first, and are easily dispatched by Amy*

*the elites both have swords, and are in red armor*

Rusty: I'll hold off the elites as long as possible! *pulls out energy sword*

Emily: Banshee!

Rusty: Shit!

*suddenly, one of the banshees are shot down from far out*

Rusty: What!?

*The one coming towards you is shot down next, and explodes right in front of the outpost. The elites are confused, and retreat back into the outpost as another banshee is shot down*

*Another banshee is shot down, and the last one retreats*

*You see your saviors ride up in the warthog. Steve is driving, with Kevin in shotgun and Keesha on the turret*

Keesha: Gauss. It gets the job done.

Rusty: Good timing!

Steve: Three, what's the situation?

Emily: The outpost has been taken. Two elite officers emerged to engage us, but retreated when their air support was taken out. They're currently inside. Both are equipped with plasma swords.

Rusty: I don't think I can take them both on by myself. I need back up.

Steve: Five. This is no time for heroics. Let's play it smart. They WANT us to come in after them.

Rusty:........ Yes sir. That one Elite.....

Rusty: I faced him before. He left his mark, and I left mine.

Emily: Looks like your mark wasn't good enough. He's still kicking.

Rusty: I thought I killed him. He's the one who made most of my team dissappear.

Steve: Then this is big. Holding this outpost must be important to them.

Keesha: But we ain't goin' in after 'em?

Steve: Negative. Too dangerous. Who knows what kind of force they have waiting for us in there.

Rusty: Right.

Keesha: So then what do we do?

Amy: If there were some way to lure them out...

Rusty: How about we trip the alarms? Set off the security systems.

Emily: I have active camoflauge. I can sneak in undetected.

Steve: But you'll have to go alone.

Emily: I know.

Rusty: But Emily, it's too risky!

Emily: Welcome to the world of a Spartan. I'm going.

Steve: Good luck.

*she goes invisible and walks in*

*you wait for about fifteen minutes*

Rusty: It's been too long...

*suddenly, the alarms trip*

Rusty: Wha!

Steve: Let's see what happens. If the elites emerge, take 'em.

Amy: Copy that.

Rusty: *pulls out grenade launcher* Time for a little overkill.

*some grunts and jackals come out, along with a regular elite in blue armor, holding a plasma rifle*

Steve: Grenade, there. *signals you*

Rusty: *fires the launcher at the aliens*

*they see the projectile, but it is too late. It explodes in between them all, and they all go flying*

Keesha: I love it when a grenade does its job.

Rusty: Boo and ya.

*One of the elite officers come out, sword at the ready*

Rusty: Shit...

Steve: Steady........steady......

*It looks up at Steve*

Keesha: Steve?

Rusty: We need to kill this thing here and now.

*suddenly, the elite begins acting strangely, as if something is on its back, and then its neck is cut open. it falls down dead, and Emily reveals herself, sheathing her knife*

Rusty: Wow! She is amazing!

Emily: *on coms* You could learn a thing or two.

Rusty: But where is his friend?

*She's about to walk to the group when the other officer dashes out. She sees it in time to dodge the blow, falling to the ground*

Emily: Gah!

*he goes to stab her, but she rolls, and he stabs the ground*

Steve: Engage!

*All spartans open fire. Emily pulls out her pistol and fires close range*

Rusty: *looks at the Elite* He's mine! *pulls out energy sword*

*He recognizes you and runs at you, and you lock blades. he looks at you, angrily staring you down*

Rusty: That's right! You remember me, don't you!?

*he kicks you back*

*your shields are down*

Rusty: Gah! *looks at him* That all you got, you coward?!

*He runs at you again. You go to stab him, and he moves incredibly, cutting the handle of your sword in half. It goes out*

*The other spartans are still firing at him, but his shields still haven't gone down*

Rusty: Shit! *jumps back and fires his shotgun*

*the bullets bounce off, weakening his shields. he dodges as you shoot again, then runs up and slices at you. you dodge, but then he slices again...and cuts off your right arm*

Steve: FIVE!!

Rusty: Gah!!!

*He's about to perform a finishing blow to you as you're on the ground bleeding. Your shotgun is in your right hand, which is now on the ground out of reach*

*He chuckles as the spartans desperately try to take down his shields*

Keesha: What the hell?! What kind of shields does this guy have?!

*Suddenly, the elite rears back. Kevin jumped on his back, pulling the knife out of the sheathe on his chest*

Rusty: K-Kevin!

*He cuts the Elite's neck a bit, taking out his shields, and the Elite throws him off, holding his neck in pain. He goes invisible and is gone*

Steve: *runs over to you* Five! We need medivac, now!

Keesha: Calling a pelican now.

*With that, everything goes black*

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Halo Roleplay DevilZPic1
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Fettman 53 SCG
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Clan Manager
Fettman 53 SCG

Number of posts : 130
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Tokyo xtreme racer rp: 200

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PostSubject: Re: Halo Roleplay   Halo Roleplay EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 3:24 am

*You wake up in an infirmary, in a patient's gown. Your right arm is now replaced with a robotic arm, still being built by a machine as you lay there.*

Rusty: Ugh...

A.I.: Patient has awoken.

*door opens, and a doctor walks in, in his 60s*

Rusty: W-where?

Doctor: How goes it, Spartan?

Rusty: I've been better...

Docter: *chuckles* I'll say. Damage wasn't that bad though. You Spartans and your armor. Saved your life.

Rusty: Speaking of which, have you seen my right armor piece?

Doctor: Your armor is being replaced. Couldn't be saved. Way too much damage. I'm not too informed on that though. I'm just a doctor. When you're all fixed up, you can go down to ordnance to check up on it.

Rusty: I'll look into it.

Doctor: For now, you need to keep resting. *walks out*

A.I.: Visitor for...Spartan 654.

Rusty: But who?

A.I.: Will you accept?

Rusty: Let them in.

*door opens, and Steve walks in in a regular, black and grey military suit*

Steve: Status?

Rusty: I've felt better, but I'll manage.

Steve: That's good to hear. I requested you stay on the active roster and had this arm made for you. Also, that got away. Turns out he may actually be a general in disguise as an officer.

Rusty: He and I have faced each other before.

Steve: So you've mentioned. Listen, five. I want you to forget about this. Don't let this elite distract you from your duties as a Spartan. If we encounter him again, we'll need a strategy, and will all need to work together to bring him down.

Rusty: *nods* Understood.

Steve: I want you operational by tonight. Next op is a go. You're paired up with three on a recon mission.

Rusty: Understood.*later that evening*

*You are in your regular military outfit, heading down to the ordnance section for your armor*

A.I.: Spartan 654 recognized. Please state the Spartan motto.

Rusty: Spartans never give up?

A.I.: Incorrect passcode.

Rusty: Uh...

A.I.: Spartan 654?

Rusty: Spartans never die......uh...

A.I.: ........

Rusty: I got wacked in the head. I don't exactly remember.

A.I.: I see. I cannot grant you access unless you know the passcode. My apologies.

*you hear footsteps behind you*

Amy's voice*: Something the matter?

*she's wearing her military suit, and you notice how cute she looks without the armor, with her shoulder-length dandelion yellow hair and deep, sapphire blue eyes.*

Rusty: I got wacked in the head, and now I can't remember the Spartans' saying...

A.I.: Incorrect passcode.

Rusty: *groans*

Amy: I see...*smiles*

Rusty: Sorry.

Amy: I outrank you, so you can come in with me. *approaches the door*

A.I.: Spartan 666 recognized. Please state the Spartan motto.

Amy: Spartans never die. They're just...*looks distant for a second*...missing in action...

A.I.: Passcode accepted. *doors open*

Rusty: Thanks.

Amy: Sure. I need to pick up my armor. Let's go.

Amy: By the way...I'm surprized you didn't react to my code number. Most people do.

Rusty: Believe me, I've actually had to deal with ghosts. You probably think I'm crazy though...

Amy: What? Are you...changing the subject?

Rusty: I'm just saying your code doesn't scare me.

Amy: Well, three sixes have nothing to do with ghosts, does it? It's just that most people are superstitious. And three sixes in a row means a curse. *shrug* Or something like that. None of the other team leaders wanted me because of my code name. But Stephen took me in. I'm glad there's someone who believes I'm not a curse. *smiles*

Rusty: He's a great leader.

Amy: Do you know he spent all day yesterday trying to get access to your room to see you? Finally got granted clearance this morning.

Amy: He really cares about us.

*You remember her hesitating while saying the motto, and the sad and distant look in her eyes*

Rusty: Did you lose a friend on a mission?

Amy: Haha! When you're a Spartan, that's pretty commonplace, don't you think? Why do you ask?

Rusty: Because when you said "just missing in action," I saw the look on your face.

Amy: did, huh...

Rusty: Believe me, I can relate.

Amy: Eheh...I...doubt you can. According to your file, your only sibling never entered the military.

Rusty: I see...I understand.

Amy: What a terrible motto we's just to keep the public at peace. That they're protected by invincible men and women.

Rusty: Right.....invincible....*looks off in the distance*

Amy: More like "yeah right." Well...I'll see you later. Good luck on the night op.

*She walks off in the direction of the armory, and you head towards ordnance, where weapons and such are being made*

Rusty: Now, where's my armor?

*you walk in to see an advanced suit of armor being made, almost looking like a walking tank, in the middle of the room. Around it, Spartan-XXX armor is being made. One of them is yours.*

*look for the black armor with "S-654" on the right shoulder*

Soldier: Spartan on the floor!

*everyone stands at attention*

Rusty: At ease.

*they all relax*

Soldier: Here for a new suit?

Rusty: Sort of.

Soldier: Well, uh...what's your code, sir?

Rusty: 654.

Soldier: Right this way. *leads you to a suit of armor that looks just like the one you had just been using, only it's brand new*

Rusty: looks the same...

Soldier: Yes, sir. Just the way you like it?

Rusty: Can we modify the strength to be stronger than an elite?

Soldier: Uh...well...I would think they're at least AS STRONG as an elite.

*you walk up and put it on*

Rusty: *looks at the armor that looks like a tank*

Soldier: Like it? It's just a prototype, but Spartans may be wearing these.

Rusty: It looks like something that would be used as a last resort.

Soldier: Maybe. It IS pretty expensive. Dunno if we'll ever be mass-producing them. *shrug* We'll see. Personally, I hope we do. Then you Spartans really WILL be invincible!

Intercom: Spartan 654 to hangar 38.

*the intercom repeats it once more as you walk to the hangar. As you walk in, a Pelican is being fitted for take-off, and Emily is tending to a Sniper Rifle, everything but her helmet on.*

Rusty: Hey.

Emily: Hey. Yours is ready. Started on it first.

*you see one sitting against a crate, all polished and everything, with some extra mags on top of the crate*

Rusty: Thanks.

Emily: We're prepping for the mission. It starts in thirty. Get what you need. By the way, your helmet should be outfitted with night vision now. All of ours are. A gift from Steve. *smirks*

Rusty: *smirks*

Emily: It's just recon, but anything near Covenant may end up nasty.

Rusty: Let's hope it's just recon. I don't feel like losing anymore limbs.

Emily: Don't worry. We won't be getting close enough for them to cut any off anyway.

Emily: Besides...*looks at you*...I say that bastard just got lucky.

Rusty: Yeah...

*soon, you and Emily are all suited up and riding in the back of the Pelican through the night, and are dropped off on a cliff-face*

Emily: Stay close and low. Move slowly. Use discretion when picking off targets. Let me know before you engage anything.

Rusty: Right.

*you follow her along the cliffside, wondering what exactly you're here to recon*

Rusty: What exactly are we here for?

Emily: We've been seeing Covenant dropships coming to and from this area. We think they may be gathering in mass further down this canyon. We're here to find out just what we're dealing with.

Rusty: Understood.

Emily: All visuals will be sent to base.

Emily: Sorry, but it looks like we're not making love tonight. *motions for you to follow* Let's go.

Rusty: *nods*

*you see some dull purple lights up ahead.*

Emily: Covenant outpost.

Rusty: Do we engage?

Emily: Do they see us?

Rusty: No.

Emily: Then there's your answer. Let's move. Transmitting visuals of Covenant outpost.

Rusty: I hate them so much...

*you move up the cliff a little ways and then further in, and hear some grunt chatter up ahead*

Rusty: Hang on.

Emily: I hear them. Another outpost up ahead, down the cliff.

Rusty: Should we fall back?

Emily: They don't see us. We're up here, and they're down there. What do YOU think?

Rusty: So we keep moving then?

Emily: Until we make it through this canyon and find out what's going on.

*you keep going for a while, staying low and silent. just as you're about to say something to break the silence, you and Emily hear Phantoms overhead. Four of them. They pass over you, headed in the direction you're headed.*

Emily: That's a lot of tangos...

Rusty: Oh shit...

Emily: They don't see us.

*you keep moving forward, and soon come to the end of the cliffface*

Emily: Fucking...unbelievable...

*you crawl up, wondering what she sees*

Rusty: What is it?

*you crawl up enough to see the rest of the canyon below. There are seven Covenant cruisers floating, dropping off what looks like an invasion army. There are so many that all you can see are tons of purple lights, lighting up the canyon walls*

Rusty: Oh my god...

Emily: Transmitting visual...

Colonel: *on coms* Alright, Delta team. Draw in your recon team. Looks like we're gonna have a hell of a day tomorrow.

Emily: Copy that... *crawls backwards*

Rusty: Aw man...

Emily: Don't worry. We can do this. We can do this. *as she stands up, she is suddenly slammed to the right, into a rock face, by a gravity hammer*

*a brute chieftain towers above you and roars*

Rusty: Emily!

Colonel: Delta team?!

Rusty: A brute!

Colonel: Brutes?! Get out of there, Delta!

*Emily lays on the ground*

Rusty: Not without Emily!

Colonel: That's an order, soldier!

Emily: Urgh...

Rusty: *runs over and grabs Emily and carries her on his shoulder*

*before you can move, the chieftain hits you with the hammer, sending you flying in one direction, and Emily in the other*

Rusty: Ahh!

Colonel: Delta team's been compromised. Evac bird will be at the evac point in ten minutes. If you aren't there by that time...we shall consider you missing in action. Copy?

Emily: Sure...thing...

Rusty: This brute is going down.

Rusty: I hope this arm can do some damage!

Emily: We can't...he has an energy shield.

*it runs at you, the ground shaking*

Rusty: *struggle up and gets ready for a massive punch*

Emily: Command, we are not prepped for close-quarters!

*the chieftain slams you with the hammer again before you can do anything, sending you flying into the wall. Your shields are down.*

Rusty: Fuuuck!

Emily: Are you telling us you're going to abandon us?!

*the chieftain picks you up by the collar, chuckling victoriously*

Rusty: Never! A Spartan never dies!

Emily: Dammit! We're on our own, five!

Rusty: *holds a frag grenade and smirks*

*brute roars in your face*

Rusty: Smile you ugly son of a bitch! *shoves grenade in the brute's mouth*

*it accidentally swallows the grenade, and drops you as it grabs at its throat. You put your hands over your head as the brute's throat explodes*

Emily: They know we're here! Let's go!

Colonel: Seven minutes, Deltas.

*you hear Banshees climbing the cliffs to your position*

Rusty: Fucking aliens!

*you and Emily run, dodging plasma bolts as you make your way to the evac point*

Emily: We won't get out of here with Banshees in hot pursuit! The Pelican will be a sitting duck!*she pulls out her sniper rifle*

Rusty: I hope this works...

Emily: You keep running. I'll take them.*she turns around and jumps to keep her momentum going, and shoots at one of the banshees' wings. It begins to spiral out of control, crashing into the ground and exploding. Emily lands and rolls, and as they pass over her, still following you, she shoots another in the back, killing the pilot*

Rusty: You're awesome!

Emily: Now let's go before they relocate us!

Rusty: Right!

*you make it to the drop zone, with the Pelican nowhere in sight*

Rusty: We were too late.....

*just then, the Pelican flies in, lights off*

Emily: More like just in time...heh...

Rusty: *smirks*

*as you fly out of the canyon, you take off your helmet*

Rusty: *blood runs down his face*

Emily: We'll need to get patched up. That chieftain was brutal.

Rusty: Brutal indeed.

*the next day, you are all patched up and riding on the fenders of one of many Scorpion tanks, as well as warthogs, driving through the canyon towards the Covenant forces*

Steve: *on coms* Alright, Delta team. The intel from last night tells us there are four Covenant cruisers dropping off forces in the canyon. This is gonna be hell. Rendezvous at the marker once we engage the bulk of the forces.

*a waypoint appears on your HUD*

Rusty: Let's take these things out now.

Steve: All Delta's, call in.

Keesha: This is Delta 2, standing by.

Emily: Delta 3, standing by.

Amy: Delta 4, standing by.

Rusty: Delta 5, I'm ready as well.

Kevin: Delta 6, awaiting orders.

Tank Driver: Here they come!

*About 20 banshees swoop down, firing their fuel rods. one of the warthogs is hit, and explodes, spiraling into the warthog behind it. The driver dodges just in time*

*the tank's cannon fires, destroying one of the Banshees. The other tanks do so as well, and the warthogs also open fire*

*you have been given an assault rifle and a spartan laser for this mission*

Tank Driver: WRAITH! UP AHEAD!

Rusty: *pulls out Spartan laser*

Random Black Soldier: Kick dey asses, Spartan.

Rusty: Take this! *aims at the wraith's cockpit*

*Wraith explodes in a blue fireball, and all of the marines on the tank cheer*

Black Soldier: HEEYULL YEAAH!!

*as the tank comes over the hill, everyone stops cheering. 30 more wraiths, along with fleets of ghosts and banshees, are coming towards you all*

Rusty: Man! I wish we had that prototype right now!




*seven wraith salvos come at the tank*

*you and the other marines jump off just as the tank explodes*

Com: Tank seventeen has been lost.

Steve: *on coms* Deltas! Status!

Rusty: Still intact!

Emily: We lost the tank!

Steve: We've underestimated them! That's just the welcoming party! Rendezvous Delta's!

Emily: No fucking mean there's MORE of them?

Rusty: Great!*you rendezvous in a cave away from the carnage*

Steve: Okay...

Keesha: Can't wait to see what you come up with this time.

Steve: .........

Rusty: I hope you have a miracle for us.

Steve: We can't possibly destroy them all. But if we could infiltrate one of their ships...

Keesha: And do what?

Steve: Okay. Command has nukes standing by. If we can get them to release one to us, we may stand a chance of dealing a deadly blow to these forces. Pretty soon, one of these cruisers is going to need refueling, right? And where there are cruisers, there has to be one of those supercarriers, right? *gets on his com*

Keesha: You're saying you think there's an even BIGGER ship up there in orbit or something?

Amy: Sounds about right. That's usually how they do things.

Rusty: Isn't there always?

Keesha: So...what? We wait here for a nuke, sneak in on board somehow, and then we win?

Steve: *Gets off of his com* Well...I wouldn't say "win." But we have to do what we can to cripple them.

Emily: How do we do it?

Steve: I've already called a nuke in. I have clearance. They'll be here shortly.

Keesha: But how do we get it in?!

Rusty: Yeah, how do we exactly carry it in? I mean, it's not like we can carry it in with us...

Steve: I have a plan. It'll be brought in and dropped on a cart.

Keesha: And we just walk up and say "Pizza delivery!" Is that it?

Steve: *looks at Emily* No. We sneak in. SHE sneaks in.

Emily: Me? Why me?

Steve: Three, you have the active camo on your armor. Anything you touch will become invisible. You'll go straight to the grav lift. The rest of us will work to create a distraction. We'll fight in a wide arc around you. They won't know until it's too late. Once it's in, the rest of us will find a way in as well, and we'll make sure the package stays safe until the cruiser gets to the supercarrier.

Steve: Then, we evac the cruiser and remote detonate the nuke.

Emily: Oh yeah, sure. Make the pretty one push the cart.

Keesha: What are you talkin' about? YOU'RE pushin' it, not me.

Emily: Oh you're real funny.

Rusty: I'm going with her. She can't do it alone.

Rusty: They'll need a distraction in the ship as well.

Keesha: How 'bout this? I'll do it. Gimme that camo powerup of yours. I'll take five with me. You guys stay here. They'll need your help to survive this battle. And besides. I'm the demolition expert. This is MY specialty.

Emily: Be my guest.*she gives Keesha the powerup as the Pelican drops off the nuke*

Keesha: *puts her helmet back on* Let's go, five. Keep your hand on the nuke. *she walks up to the cart and puts her hands on it*

Rusty: *does the same*

*she activates the camo, and the two of you, along with the nuke and the cart, become completely invisible*

Keesha: We'll have to go slow. Otherwise the camo may mess up*

Rusty: Right.

Steve: Alright Deltas. Move out!

*the other four run out, staying far away from the two of you as you make your way to the closest cruiser, getting ready to take off for a refueling run.*

Keesha: I figure if we're good enough, we can get in and remain undetected the entire time.

Rusty: Unless the radiation messes with the camo...

Keesha: Na. Not unless it explodes prematurely. And then the camo will be the least of our worries.

Rusty: Haha true.

*you approach the cruiser's belly, and the grav lift*

Keesha: Okay. Hold on tight.

*you are all lifted up into the ship*

*the loading area is very quiet as you arrive*

Keesha: Alright. This is it.

Keesha: Let's move it out of the way. We don't want to be bumped into or anything while we wait to get to the supercarrier.

Rusty: True.

*you both move it near some boxes out of the way*

*just then, some elites run by in a hurry, talking to each other in their language*

Keesha: Haha. Close call.

Rusty: Phew...

*you feel the ship begin to lurch*

Keesha: Here we go.

Rusty: *nods*

*as you wait, a team of elites walks by, and two hunters. They're just patrolling the ship. Just then, a huragock (the ones that float around repairing stuff) floats up to you*

Keesha: Uhh...

Rusty: Umm...

*It tilts its head curiously, and reaches out with one of its tentacles, attempting to touch your faceplate*

Keesha: It can't possibly...

*as soon as it touches you, there is a surge of energy, and the active camo wears off. The huragok chitters happily and excitedly, as if happy to see company. However...the four elites and two hunters have a different reaction. They look over, confused. Then, they aim their weapons at you*

Keesha: Dammit! Curious little bastard...

Rusty: Oh shit! Run!

*they begin to chase you as you run around the room, trying to draw them away from the nuke*

Keesha: I've started the countdown timer! It's set to blow in five minutes! That should give us enough time for the ship to get to the supercarrier and for us to evac!

Rusty: *looks at the huragock* You better get out of here as well.

*suddenly, an elite shoots Keesha. She manages to dodge, but the plasma bolt hits the timer on the nuke, frying it*

Keesha: Shit! Okay...scratch that.

Rusty: Shit! I'll re-arm it!

Keesha: I'm the demo expert. And there's no need anyway. We can still do it remotely. Just protect it! *dodges some more plasma fire*

Rusty: Understood!

*you manage to kill one of the elites, and two of them decide to double team you while the other one attempts to chase down Keesha*

Rusty: *pulls out assult rifle* Come and get some!

*as Keesha tries to outsmart the elite and two hunters, one of the hunters fires off a round, and although it misses Keesha, it explodes very close to the nuke*

Keesha: Damn! I can't stay near this thing...

Rusty: Whoa! *fires at one of the elites*

*the elites shields light up, protecting him, but they grow weaker, and just as you run out of ammo in your clip, they die*

*you don't have time to reload as the other elite tries to attack you*

Rusty: *hits him with the end of his rifle*

*the other elite strikes at you as you kill his friend, but you dodge and whack him in the back, killing him. Then you go to help Keesha.*

Rusty: *fires Spartan laser at the hunter*

*kills it*

*the other hunter is enraged at the death of its comrade and charges at you*

Rusty: *jumps up in the air and fires the laser again*

*kills it. just then, Keesha kills the last elite.*

Keesha: Nice job! You're pretty impressive.

Rusty: *blushes inside his helmet* Thanks. I do what I can.

Keesha: Okay. It's docking in the supercarrier. *checks on the nuke as you walk around, looking at the carnage*

Rusty: *whistles*

Keesha: *huffs frustratingly* Fine. Be that way.

Rusty: Hang on. Lemme give you a hand with that.

Keesha: Don't worry about it. Okay. So I've got some bad news and some good news. Turns out that pelican that was supposed to pick us up got shot down. The only way back to the planet is to jump.

Rusty: Just like old times. I have a jet pack. I can try to carry you.

Keesha: Don't worry about it.

Rusty: I don't mind. I don't plan on leaving you or him *looks at the huragok* on this ship.

*you wonder what the good news is she was talking about*

Rusty: So what's the good news?

Keesha: Ha! Bud, that WAS the good news.

Rusty: Wow...

Keesha: *takes her helmet off and throws it on the ground* Bad news is, the detonator is fried. That shot from the hunter screwed it up after all. I'll have to detonate it myself. And I'm the only one with the know-how to do it.

Rusty: Maybe the huragok can help. *looks at the creature* Can you get the bomb going?

Huragok: *looks excited, looks at the bomb, and then chitters disappointedly*

Keesha: *pulls off her dogtags* Five. They need you down there. And this mission can't be a failure. I gotta do this. *hands the dogtags to you* Get back to them. And tell them to kick some covey ass.

Keesha: Just don't let them take this planet. *turns back to the nuke*

Rusty: I'm not leaving without you!

Keesha: You will. Now go. I ain't goin' with you.

Rusty: I'm sorry but I'm not.

Keesha: Five! Go now! Before this thing docks! Then none of us will get off!

*the huragok chitters to you encouragingly*

Rusty: Y-yes ma'am! I.....won't forget you.....

Keesha: Been an honor servin' with ya, Rusty. *takes the case of the bomb apart, and takes the wires as you grab the huragok and jump out, falling back to the planet*

*you watch helplessly as you fall, as the supercarrier explodes in a massive fireball*

Rusty: Keesha......

*as you get near the ground, you activate your jet boosters. You land in a small town, far away from the battle. The huragok looks around curiously*

Rusty: Come in command, do you copy?


Rusty: Well, it looks like we're on our own for the time being.

*as you begin to walk out of the town...*

Steve: *on the com* -ome in! Do you copy?

Rusty: Steve. I copy.

Steve: Just picked up your signal. We saw the explosion from here. Good work, you two. The Covenant are retreating for now. We need you to rendezvous at the marker ASAP. Not gettin' two's signal. She land further away from you?

Rusty: Keesha.....she...*tears start to well up* She sacrificed herself...

Steve: Come again, five?

Rusty: She had to re-arm the nuke manually...

Steve: ................Understood. Rendezvous at the marker, five. Delta one, out.

Rusty: Sir...

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PostSubject: Re: Halo Roleplay   Halo Roleplay EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 3:26 am

*You were told to rendevous at the waypoint as soon as possible, and are making your way to it with the Huragok in tow*

Rusty: I hope the locals evacuated...

*the Huragok chitters curiously*

Rusty: Anyways, let's go to the rendevous point.

*it chitters excitedly and follows you*

*you arrive at the coordinates, to find yourself in front of HQ. It has been well-defended so far. You walk in*

Rusty: *stays silenced*

Steve: *standing there waiting* Welcome home, five. I know you've got a lot to tell me, but it'll have to wait. We just got word that the Covenant have taken a high-value settlement. That girl we rescued earlier is the last surviving scientist of a special operation. Well...she's an intern, really. And we need to get her off-planet ASAP. I'm sending you and three to retrieve her.

Emily: Looks like we're up again, five. Don't let me down on our second date, you hear?

Rusty: *pays no attention to her* Can you watch over this little guy, Steve? *points to the huragock*

Steve: You brought one of them back with you?! Five...what is this? What are you doing?

*the Huragok chitters, as if trying to explain in its language*

Rusty: It's a biological super computer. A huragock.

Steve: Look...we'll leave it with ONI. I'm sure they'd be interested in it. Now get prepped. You leave in five. Go.

Rusty: *looks at the huragock* They're going to take care of you, ok?

Emily: Don't go dying on me. I'm looking forward to a third date later on. This mission is going to be a tough one.

Rusty: Right.

*the two of you are dropped in by a Hornet, which is then shot down almost immediately after taking off again*

Rusty: We're close...

Emily: Damn! They really don't want to give this place up.

Emily: Okay, move up. Stay close to the walls. We're in broad daylight this time.

*as you move up, Emily begins checking things on a datapad*

Emily: *she puts the pad away as you arrive near a building* Okay, this is it. According to schematics, she'll be in the building to the far right and back, down the middle. It's a large building, occupied by the Covenant too.

Rusty: Man, dinner AND a movie. How's that for a second date?

Emily: Get moving, you flirt. Heh heh.

*You move up to the building, but are suddenly shot from the side. You look up to see three Jackal snipers*

Emily: Get down!

Rusty: *ducks in cover*

Emily: *pulls out her magnum and fires off a round, then goes back to cover. the shot kills one of the Jackals*

Rusty: Nice shot.

Emily: *shoots again, killing another one*

*the last Jackal backs off*

Emily: Move. Go for the building.

Rusty: Right.

*the two of you move into the building, and see the girl on the floor, tied up, with two grunts and an Elite watching over her. They see you and open fire*

Emily: Watch your fire! Don't harm the girl!

Rusty: Understood! *aims assault rifle and fires at the grunts*

*One of them is killed, and the other dodges. The Elite shoots you with his plasma rifle, and your shields begin to die*

Rusty: Dammit!

*Emily kills the other grunt as you get into cover*

Rusty: *reloads rifle*

Emily: We need to take him down. And quick. Before the rest of the forces find out what we're up to.

Emily: Take down his shields. I'll do the rest.

Rusty: Understood!

Emily: Go!

Rusty: *fires at the elite*

*you run out of ammo just as his shields go down, and as you reload, Emily shoots him once in the head with her magnum, killing him. Then she runs over to the girl and unties her*

Rusty: Man! It gets harder every time!

Emily: *gets the girl to her feet* Here. Take care of her. You can do it better than me.

Rusty: R-right...

Girl: *walks over to you* I owe you once again for saving my life. I'm Amber.

Emily: Alright, nice to meet you. Now let's move!

Rusty: *nods*

*just as you turn for the door, you see a plasma grenade fly in, landing right on Emily's visor*

Emily: !!!

Rusty: NO!

*she quickly unseals and takes off her helmet, throwing it at the ambushing forces outside just as the grenade explodes, killing all of them.*

Emily: *walks up to what's left of her helmet* Shit...five, I'll need your cover now.

Rusty: Get behind me.

*she gets behind you as you move outside*

Emily: We need to get clear of this settlement. Then we can call for evac and get Amber to s- *suddenly, she is shot in the head by the Jackal that escaped earlier, and falls down dead*

Amber: !!!!!

Rusty: Emily! *shoots the jackal*

*Amber gets down, her hands over her head*

Rusty: S-stay behind me...

Amber: *nods, trembling*

Rusty: *grabs Emily's body*

*you manage to get out of the settlement*

*you carry Emily's limp body as the Pelican Emily managed to call in arrives, backing in. The marines on board look at the scene with horror on their faces*

Rusty: *stays silent*

*as you fly back to HQ, you close Emily's eyes*

Amber: Spartans never die.....

Rusty: ...They're just missing in action...

*you arrive at HQ, and Steve walks up as you walk in, carrying Emily's body, with Amber in tow*

Steve: You both did well. I...don't think there's much else left to be said.

Rusty: I-I'm sorry...

Rusty: *walks to his room*

Rusty: *takes his helmet off and tears roll down his eyes*

Intercom: Spartan 654 to hangar seven.

Rusty: *walks to the hangar*

*Steve, Amy, and Kevin are standing around, checking their weapons as a Pelican is being outfitted for take-off. Amber is sitting in the back with a binder full of papers.*

Steve: We just got orders to evacuate the planet, five. The Covenant have sent in reinforcements. Last ship is leaving in thirty minutes. We need to get there, ASAP. If that fails, we at LEAST need to get Amber to the ship. That is our number one priority. She holds in her hands key information to winning this war.

Rusty: *walks over and grabs an assault rifle and spartan laser*

*You walk by Kevin*

Kevin: What happened to three?

Rusty: She was shot in the head by a jackal.

Amy: ........So she went missing.

Rusty: Yes...she went missing.

Steve: Let's make sure she's the last one of Delta team.

Rusty: .........

*the Pelican starts up its engines*

Steve: Here we go, Deltas. Pile in!

*you jump in with everyone else, and the Pelican takes off, flying into a canyon to avoid being detected on Covenant radar*

Amy: *cocks her assault rifle*

Rusty: *Does the same*

*coms talking to pilot*: Kilo two-three, be advised: zone is hot. Recommend immediate retreat.

Pilot: No can do. Got a priority-one personnel on board.

*coms*: Good luck. And god save you.

Pilot: Likewise.

Steve: ......

Pelican A.I.: Alert. Incoming Banshees. Evasive maneuvers.

Pilot: Shit! They spotted us! And we're so close!

Amy: How close?

Pilot: Almost halfway there!

Amy: Damn...*banshees fire on the Pelican*

Kevin: We're obviously a sitting duck.

*one of the engines is hit, and spews flame*

Rusty: Shit! Hang on!

Pilot: I got her! But I'm losing altitude!

Steve: Deltas! We need to jump!

Amber: Wh-what?!

Steve: We may survive a crash-landing, but you won't, ma'am.

Amy: * helps her up* Let's go. You can ride on my back.

Pilot: If you're gonna do somethin', do it quick!

Steve: Let's go.

Rusty: Jump!

*Amber gets on Amy's back, and you all jump, activating your jet-boosters as you land*

Rusty: Yeeha!

*the Pelican crashes down the canyon*

Steve: Okay, Deltas. Focus. We have a two-mile hike ahead of us.

Amy: Full of Covenant...

Rusty: That's just great.

Steve: Move up the canyon, Deltas. Six, you're with me. Four and Five, your number one priority is protecting the girl.

Rusty: Understood.

Kevin: *pulls out his DMR and turns the safety off, walking up next to Steve*

Amy: Don't worry, Amber. We'll get you out of here alive.

Rusty: I-...WE promise.

*you all move up the canyon until you get to a point with three shade turrets and two ghosts, as well as three elites*

Steve: Looks like they were expecting company.

Amy: Well? How do we get her through?

Rusty: *pulls out a grenade* How about one of these?

Steve: Negative. Blast radius is too small. Four, I'll need your help on this.

Amy: Me?

Steve: *points to one elite in gold-plated armor* A general. The same one from earlier.

Rusty: The one that took my arm?

Steve: Affirmative. Five, we'll create a distraction. You get the girl past this blockade and to the evac ship down the canyon. We'll meet up with you later when we're done here.

Rusty: Right.

Kevin: General or not, if he can die, we'll kill him.

Amy: Good luck, five.

Rusty: Thanks.

Steve: Alright, wait for the signal. I'll throw a grenade. Then you come up around the right, scaling the wall. Use the cave there for cover, then six will throw a grenade. Then you run. Get her to that ship. Don't stop for anything. Copy?

Rusty: Copy.

Steve: Move, Deltas!

Rusty: Keep beside me.

*Steve, Kevin, and Amy run out. Amy takes out two of the three shade turret operators with headshots, and then Steve throws a frag grenade. The first signal. The grenade destroys one of the ghosts.*

Rusty: Move!

*you and Amber move up along the right side of the canyon, along the wall, and stop in the entrance of the cave there, waiting for the next signal. Amy takes out the final shade turret, and Steve throws another frag, flipping the other ghost over. NOT the second signal. The elite jumps out of the ghost, holding a needler, and shoots at Amy. The needles fly into her chestpiece*

Rusty: Amy!!

*there is a pink explosion and Amy is thrown back, shields gone, with a hole in her chestpiece*

*Steve knifes the elite, and then Kevin throws a plasma grenade at the elite general, with the other two elites beside him. As the other two jump out of the way, the stuck elite general shouts out an angry order to the rest of his troops before disappearing in a cloud of blue plasma. The second signal.*

Steve: Whatever he told them to do, it isn't good. Move!

*the other two elites get up, facing Kevin and Steve. Kevin goes to Amy's side to check on her. She's still alive, but her armor is toast. The shields aren't working and there's a hole in the chestpiece. She's a bit dazed and in pain from the explosion, but not bleeding*

Amber: Spartan, sir?

Rusty: We need to move NOW.

*you grab Amber's hand and run for it, getting as far away from the battlezone as possible before Amber begins to lose her breath.*

Amber: *panting* Sir...I...I can't...

Rusty: Get on my back.

*she struggles to climb onto your back. You keep an eye out for snipers, then high-tail it to the shipyards. There, you see one final ship (that looks like the small one used by Miranda Keyes in Halo 2 and 3) waiting in the dockyard*

Amber: *relieved* It's still there.

Rusty: Let me check for snipers.

*You scan, and are relieved to find that the entire area is currently human-occupied*

Rusty: Alright *walks her over to the ship*

*the ship is up on a platform, being outfitted to leave. A pelican flies down to the landing pad you and Amber are standing on. The captain of the ship, a man in his mid-40's, in a clean, white military suit with a few badges on the chest, is riding in the back*

Captain: Spartan. Thank you. We owe you one. *shakes your hand*

Rusty: Don't mention it.

Amber: Spartan...thanks to you and your friends...*holds the binder tight*...I think we can beat these aliens. I must get this to Doctor Halsey.

Captain: Come on, Spartan. We're leaving.

Rusty: Good luck.

Captain: What do you mean? You're coming too. This is the last ship off this planet. Let's go.

Amber: But...his friends! We have to wait for his friends!

Marine: Are you crazy?! We have to get out of here! The Covenant are on our doorstep!

Captain: My timer is no-stop. We're leaving.

Rusty: Steve, do you copy?


Amber: Captain...

Captain: Spartan, get on this Pelican.

Rusty: ........

Captain: They're dead, son. You need to accept that.

Rusty: Im going after them!

Captain: They're dead!

Rusty: Spartans never die! They're just missing in action.

Captain: *looks at you, wondering if he should be disappointed or respect you* .............Good luck to you, Spartan. *makes the signal for the Pelican to take off*

Amber: *smiles as it takes off*

Rusty: *runs back*

*you watch as the Pelican enters the ship. Then, your only chance of evacuating the planet takes off*

Amber: ............*looks at the binder* Your not in vain, Spartans. I promise you.

Rusty: Hang on guys. I'm coming.

*and now, you stand alone, walking back towards the battlefield where you left your friends. As you arrive, you hear the chatter of two elites. You look around the corner to see the two elites that jumped to safety earlier standing over the body of a Spartan with grey armor. You look at your feet to see Steve's helmet, and are suddenly overcome with rage*

Rusty: Hey!

Rusty: *pulls out combat knife*

*you run towards the elites as they fire upon you, ignoring your depleting shields as you run up, cutting the first one's neck, then jumping on the second one, stabbing it multiple times in the face. As you do so, you begin to calm down.*

Rusty: *Kneels down next to Steve*

*he's dead, stabbed in the head by a plasma sword. You look around, but Kevin and Amy's bodies are nowhere to be found. But you didn't come across them on your way back. What happened to them? You look at Steve's helmet. The recording device!*

Rusty: *Puts device in his helm.*

*the recording begins playback at the part where you leave with Amber. Kevin hoists Amy up on his shoulder.*

Kevin: Can you still fight?

Amy: *pulls out her magnum* Just keep me steady...

Steve: Negative! Get out of here!

Amy: Sir! We can't just leave you here!

Steve: Yes you can, Delta. Six, go. Get her out of here! Use the cave for cover and then go on my signal.

Kevin: Yes, sir.

Amy: N-no!!

*Kevin walks with a struggling Amy over to the cave, and Steve turns to the two elites in time to see the general, still standing somehow even after being stuck, running up at him. He stabs him in the stomach with his sword, and on the playback, Steve's vitals begin blaring. He falls to the floor, looking up at the general.*

*the general grabs Steve by the collar, pulls him up to eye level, and takes Steve's helmet off to look into his eyes. You hear sizzling all of a sudden, and the general looks down to see Steve holding a plasma grenade. Steve sticks the general on the head, and the general roars in anger, stabbing Steve in the head before exploding. The recording stops, with the message "Unexpected Halt In--Playback/KIA?/"

*you take the recording out and take Steve's dogtags, holding them tight as you look over at the cave. It has been caved in. No doubt, the two surviving elites caved it in to kill your two comrades. And by the way there are no life readings on the other side...perhaps the Captain was right*

Rusty: *sticks grenade in the center of the caved in wall*

*it explodes, but doesn't do enough damage to clear the rubble. You try again as tears roll down your cheeks, with no results. You pull out your Spartan laser, screaming in rage as you fire at the rubble, then collapse to your knees as it begins to rain*

Rusty: Rraaaahhhh!!!! *fires laser again*

*only scorches a few rocks*

Rusty: Dammit! I need more power!!!!

*you stand there in the rain, alone. Your friends are gone, and there is no way off this planet. Soon, the rest of the Covenant forces will converge on your location*

Rusty: *Readies laser one more time* Please let this work!

*You fire the last round in the laser, but only manage to scorch a few more rocks. The rubble is too deep.*

Rusty: *breaks down and cries* Dammit!!!

*The rain continues to fall, as if the planet is crying for you as well. Is this the end for you as well? With no way off this planet, you will either die from the Covenant forces or from the glassing that is sure to come later.*

Rusty: I-I'm not strong enough...

*your friends are gone, and now you must focus on yourself. What are you going to do? Fight until you die? Hide? There is no way off the planet, as all ships have left or have been destroyed*

Rusty: *goes into hiding*

Rusty: I need to get back to base. That armor that I saw might help...

*suddenly, seven Phantoms and about 20 Wraiths drive by. You realize that even if you got that armor, you wouldn't last forever*

Rusty: Dammit! I need to find a way off of this planet...

*You search channels for any sign of a ship that might not have taken off, or maybe some survivors at least. Nothing.*

*you activate the active camo and sneak past the Covenant forces, stopping on a cliff edge to think*

Rusty: Maybe I should've gone with that last ship...

*You decide that if this is'll take down as many Covenant fucks as you can with you. For Delta team!*

Rusty: I'm going for that armor.

*just as you're about to move out, you hear a lady's voice on your com. You had it set to pick up any channel being used...and one is!*

Lady: This is Captain Mychols of the UNSC Leap Of Faith, responding to your distress signal. Please respond. I repeat: this is Captain Mychols of the UNSC Leap Of Faith, responding to the sent distress signal. Any UNSC forces in the area, please respond.

*Distress signal?*

Rusty: This is Spartan 654.

Lady: I repeat: this is Captain Mychols of the-

*You check your coms. turns out one of the shots from those two elites fried your coms. You can't use them to speak*

*You decide to see if you can find this distress signal. It may be your saving grace. You cycle through your waypoint finder until you find it. The distress signal is coming from...HQ.*

*maybe some officers are still alive or something*

Rusty: *Runs towards hq*

*as you run, you look up in the sky to see a ship (large; looks just like the Pillar Of Autumn).*

*Says "Leap Of Faith" on the side*

Rusty: *keeps running towards hq*

*as you arrive, you find it in shambles. The structure remains pretty much intact though. You walk in. It's dark, with only red, flashing warning lights lighting the way*

Rusty: *heads toward weapon development while looking for survivors*

*You find the suit of armor on the floor. Looks like it's already been used up. All ammo is depleted*

*hundreds of dead covenant lie around it*

*you look at its power levels, and unfortunately, they've been depleted as well.*

*you decide to stock up on ammo and then go for the distress signal. It looks like it's up in logistics.*

Rusty: *heads toward logistics*

Rusty: Hello? Anyone out there?


*you hear clicking in the background*

Rusty: *readies weapon*

*you walk in cautiously, nearing the distress signal.*

Rusty: *peaks around the corner*

*you see the Huragok, messing with the computers. It fixed and activated a distress beacon, which is bleeping on the desk next to it. It's currently looking up all sorts of data on the computer, and seems very into it*

Rusty: Hey, little guy. Good to see you're still alive.

*it looks up, and seeing you, chitters happily before going back to the computer*

Rusty: there any chance you could fix my helmet com?

*it looks at you confusedly*

Rusty: *takes off helmet, and shows it to the huragock*

*takes it up and brings up a tentacle, which then splits open to reveal small feelers that take it apart, then put it back together in less than a minute*

*just as you're about to put it back on, a shot from a magnum behind you scares the Huragok, and it takes cover behind you*

Rusty: Hey! Don't shoot!

*More survivors?*

Rusty: Spartan 654!

*a female Marine with shoulder-length red-hair (hidden a bit by her helmet, but pokeing out a bit along the edges), green eyes, and freckles walks in cautiously. She is young, probably 19 or so.*

Marine:'re siding with that thing?!

Rusty: He's an ally! He's the one who activated the distress signal!

Marine: To save its own sorry ass! Don't you know that the Covenant sees that too?! *points at the beacon*

Rusty: It saved me! And are you sure you want to take on a Spartan?

*another marine is outside. Male, with short brown hair and green eyes*

Male Marine: Elly, what's going on? There's a Spartan here?

Elly: I guess. Come on in, Sid.

Rusty: Unfortunately...the last one.....

Sid: Really? Because two more came in the back cave entrance not too long ago.

Rusty: !!! They're alive?! Thank god!

Coms: This is Captain Mychols of the UNSC Leap Of Faith. We are responding to your distress beacon. If there are any UNSC forces in the area, please respond.

Coms: This is Spartan 653.

Coms: Spartan, it's good to hear from you. You send the beacon?

Coms: Negative.

Coms: What's the situation?

Coms: I have a wounded Spartan with me. She's still operational, but barely. Just entered HQ. Scouting out for more survivors.

Coms: We're sending a Pelican to pick you up.

Coms: Copy.

Coms: Whatever you need to do in there, do it quick! I'm risking a lot by coming back here!

Rusty: This is Spartan 654. Come in Kevin.

Coms: This is Spartan 653. You're operational? What's your current location?

Rusty: Im in logistics with a couple of marines and the huragock. He's the one who sent the distress signal.

Kevin: Get them down to medical. Patching up four now. Then she'll be in charge.

Rusty: Roger!

Rusty: Ok, were heading down to medical.

Sid: Wait...are...are you getting us out of here?!

Elly: You're a sight for sore eyes to be sure, Spartan.

*you lead the three survivors down to medical. the huragok floats in, sees Amy's damaged armor, and goes into a frenzy*

Elly: Hey! What's wrong with it? It's freaking out!

Rusty: I don't know...

*It floats over to the armor, seeming frustrated, and begins to take it apart*

Rusty: He's...repairing it.

Amy: *watching from the bed, in her military uniform* What...the...hell?

*in a couple minutes, the armor is patched up*

Amy: Well...I can't believe I'm saying this to one of the Covenant. But...thanks?

*the huragok chitters cheerfully*

Rusty: I don't think he's with the Covenant. I got the feeling that he was forced.

Sid: A race of aliens that doesn't want to be a part of the Covenant?

Rusty: It's possible.

Amy: Let's worry about that later. Our top priority is getting off this rock before the Leap Of Faith is compromised. Lets get to the top deck and meet up with that Pelican. Move, Deltas!

Rusty: Right.

*you and the other four make your way to the roof of HQ, to the landing pad, just as the Pelican backs in*

Marine On Pelican: Let's go! Let's go!

Rusty: Right!

Pilot: Banshees comin' in!

Sid: Oh, HELL no. *pulls out grenade launcher*

Rusty: Im on it! *aims spartan laser*

*out of ammo*

Rusty: Fuck!

*Everyone gets in and Sid hangs on with one hand, aiming his grenade launcher with the other as the Pelican takes off, leaving the back open for Sid to shoot the pursuing banshees*

Rusty: Let's get the fuck out of here!

*the Pelican makes a beeline for the Leap Of Faith, hovering high in the sky. Sid shoots the grenade launcher at one of the banshees, but it bounces off and explodes too late*

Amy: *looks at you* Like deja vu, huh?

Rusty: Tell me about it.

Rusty: *get over next to Sid and aims assault rifle*

*Sid fires off another grenade, but the same thing happens*

Sid: Fuck! What's the point of this thing if it doesn't work?!

Kevin: Prime it first.

*everyone looks at Kevin confusedly*

Rusty: Huh?

Kevin: Prime the grenade, then put it in the launcher and fire.

Sid: What? That's crazy!

Amy: Actually...that's genius...

Kevin: When you're a Spartan, you have to be creative.

Rusty: Makes sense.

Sid: Okay... *takes one of the grenades out, primes it, puts in back in in a panic, and fires. It explodes just as it hits the Banshee, sending it hurtling toward the ground* Ah! AHA! HAHAHA! One down! Two to go! *pulls another grenade out and begins to prime it*

Elly: Yeah, Sid! Kick that Covenant ass!

*he fires the grenade, knocking out another banshee. But then the last banshee fires, getting him in the chest three times. He yelps in pain, falling to the floor as his chest sizzles, smoking as he begins to bleed*

Elly: NO!

Pilot: Almost there!

Rusty: Get me the first aid kit!

Sid: No...don't...worry about me...*hands you the grenade launcher*

Amy: Five! Get on it!

Rusty: *nods*

Rusty: *primes grenade and launches*

*it explodes, destroying the last banshee just as the Pelican nears the LOF.*

Sid: *panting, trying not to look at his chest*

Elly: Sid, you're gonna make it. You're gonna be okay.

Sid: Eheh...aww...*pants* always were a bad lier, Elly.

Rusty: *takes first aid kit and tries to patch him up*

*the Pelican lands in the docking area of the LOF, the doors close, and the pilot gets on his com*

Pilot: We're in!

*the LOF lurches suddenly, taking off into space*

Elly: Whoever this captain is...we owe her one...

Amy: Indeed.

Rusty: *looks at Elly*

*a medical team rushes on board the Pelican and takes Sid away. Just then, a sergeant walks up to you and Kevin and Amy*

Sergeant: Spartans! The captain wishes to see you at once!

*you and the other two Spartans walk to the bridge. you walk in (looks just like the Pillar Of Autumn's bridge) and see the captain. She looks fairly young, with long brown hair in a ponytail, and golden eyes. She's wearing the traditional, clean white captain's military suit, with tons of badges on the chest. Even more than that last captain*

*She turns from the screen and you three salute her. She salutes back*

Captain: At ease.

Rusty: Thanks for saving our asses back there.

Captain: You're very welcome, Spartan. Every life counts, in my opinion.

Rusty: *Rubs his right arm in pain. Though it isn't there anymore, he can still feel pain from it*

Rusty: Where are we headed?

Captain: I can't say for sure. Far away from here, though. THAT is certain. I think introductions are in order.

Amy: We are all that's left of Delta Team. I am Spartan 666, Amy. That's 653 and 654.

Kevin: Kevin.

Rusty: Rusty.

Captain: I am Alicia Mychols, captain of the Leap Of Faith. My orders were to rendezvous with the fleet at Sojorinus, but when I got word of a distress signal at HQ, I couldn't leave unless I knew for sure there was no one there. Even if it meant insubordination...

Amy: So you disobeyed a direct order to go on a crazy rescue mission, risking your life and the lives of everyone on this ship.

Alicia: Yes.

Amy: I thank you.

Alicia: *smiles*

Rusty: I thank you as well.

Alicia: However...I'm afraid the rendezvous won't be so happy and carefree for me.

Rusty: You did what you had to.

Alicia: for the rest of Delta with most Spartan teams, with your leader dead, you must be reassigned. That's for the brass upstairs to determine, however. You'll probably be split up. That's how it usually works. Spartans that survived things such as this are a great addition to the ranks of other teams.

Rusty: Just like last time...

Amy: Except this time someone besides you survived. I guess this is goodbye then.

Alicia: we are. *looks out the viewscreen at the hundreds of human ships gathered at yet another colony planet*

Coms: UNSC Leap Of Faith, you have disobeyed a direct order from command. Dock at once at bay 5-C.

Alicia: Ugh...

Rusty: Oh boy, here we go.

*the ship docks, and everyone begins to exit*

Alicia: See you in hell, Spartans. *nods and walks off with some officers*

Rusty: So what now?

Commander: *walks up* Spartans. What team?

Amy: Delta, sir.

Commander: You are being reassigned. Come with me.

*you follow the commander to a room full of Spartans, all with different armor configurations. It's like a briefing room*

Commander: *looks at you* You. Come with me. You've already been assigned.

Rusty: Sir.

*you follow him into another room, and there are five Spartans standing there, all with their helmets off*

Commander: Spartans, this is your new number six. *leaves*

*ne of the Spartans looks up at you. He's in his late 20s, with short brown hair and brown eyes. He has a look as if he's trying to figure out what kind of a person you are*

Spartan: Alright. Name?

Rusty: Rusty.

Spartan: Neil. Welcome to Omega Team.

Neil: I'm Omega Team's leader. Omega One. You can just call me Neil.

Rusty: Neil.

*you look over as a girl Spartan walks up to you, holding a sniper rifle. She puts it on her back and shakes your hand*

Neil: Penelope. Omega Two. We call her Penny.

Penny: I shoot heads off of things. Remember it.

Rusty: 0.0

*she has short, black hair and brown eyes, with a scar on her left cheek*

*another walks up. she has short, cute red hair and blue eyes, with freckles, and a serious look on her face*

Neil: This is Robin. Our close-quarters specialist.

Robin: I hear you're good in a fight too. Better not be here to steal my thunder.

Rusty: Right...

*a black Spartan in his mid-20s walks up, laughing. He has a shaved head and brown eyes*

???: AHAHA! What thunder?!

Neil: Jackson. Our demolitions expert and designated driver.

Jackson: Just call me Jack! *smiles big* Need somethin' gone, you know who to call!

Robin: Yeah, your mom. Hideous.

Jack: Flip off, beeouch!

Neil: Lock it down, you two.

Rusty: *looks at Robin and Jack* Wow...

*An older Spartan walks up. He is in his early 30s, and has short, neatly combed brown hair and a neat moustache, and dark, brown eyes. He has a british accent*

???: And I'm Omega Five. Name's Jimmy. Call me Jim. I'm your mechanic and your medic.

Rusty: Nice to meet you.

Neil: Alright, Omega Team. Let's welcome our new brother with open arms. We've been given a chance for some R and R, so I'll see you bright and early at oh-five-hundred hours tomorrow morning.

Robin: An entire day to relax? What am I supposed to do for an entire day without killing something?

Rusty: *smirks* I'm getting some well-deserved sleep.

Robin: Well I can already tell I'm not going to get along with YOU.

Jack: *puts a hand on your shoulder* Haha! Forget about it man. She's always like that.

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PostSubject: Re: Halo Roleplay   Halo Roleplay EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 3:30 am

*You were just reassigned to Omega Team, and are currently on a space station awaiting orders. The Covenant have glassed the planet you were previously on. You sit in the prep room waiting for the Colonel, with the rest of Omega Team.*

Colonel: *walks in* Well, Spartans? How goes it?

Neil: Good, sir.

Colonel: That's odd. I can't say I feel the same way.

Neil: Yes, sir...

Colonel: The Covenant have already taken out the outer colonies, and now they're moving for the inner colonies. That planet was the seventh to go now. *walks around the room*

Penny: We're doing the best we can...

Colonel: I understand that, Spartan.

Robin: What about the Spartan-II's?

Colonel: Most of them have gone missing.

Jack: Damn...

Colonel: They're putting up a hell of a fight though.

Neil: Sir. Do you have orders for us?

Colonel: I'm afraid I don't, necessarily. Only that you are to remain on this station for now.

Robin: *stands up* What?! We should be out there, helping with the war!

Rusty: I agree!

Neil: Three, six, stand down.

Robin: *groans angrily and slams her fist on the wall*

Rusty: ...Dammit...

Colonel: We understand how you feel. But we need you to stay alive.

Neil: That's it, then?

Colonel: Affirmative. You may come with me to the command center if you please. Perhaps you could be of some use there.

Robin: Running errands?

Colonel: .........

Neil: Let's go, Omegas. We need to help out any way we can.

Robin: .....

*the rest of the team gets up disappointedly and follows the Colonel and Neil out of the prep room and into the large, busy command center*

*over on a coms unit, an officer is talking*

Officer: UNSC cruiser Halberd, please respond. I repeat, this is Command One actual. UNSC Halberd, please respond.

*another Colonel walks over*

Colonel: What's the situation?

Officer: Communications with the UNSC Halberd has been lost, sir.

Neil: *walks up* Was that ship important?

Colonel: The Halberd was said to contain some important data, but it's not important enough for us to risk a rescue mission.

Neil: What about the Cole Protocol?

Colonel: It doesn't matter. Whatever data was there is probably gone anyway.

Rusty: The what?

Neil: The Cole Protocol is a last-resort protocol in which a ship's data center is wiped clean, so that the Covenant can't gain access to information such as the whereabouts of the rest of the colonies...or Earth.

Colonel: Pay it no mind, Spartans. It sounds like that ship is gone anyway.

Rusty: Earth... I wonder if my dad is ok...

Officer: That sucks...haha...ironic too.

Jack: Ironic? How?

Officer: That ship was the last ship off of that planet that just got glassed. Heh heh...guess they thought they were in the clear.

Rusty: *walks off*

*suddenly, you remember: The Halberd was that ship that Amber, the scientist intern with the binder for Halsey, got on. The last ship off of that planet!*

Rusty: Amber!!!

Jack: Who?

Rusty: A girl that we rescued on that planet. She was on the Halberd! She had something for Dr. Halsey!

Colonel: The information. But as I said, it's not important enough for us to risk more lives to retrieve.

Rusty: Well I'm going! If it's for Dr. Halsey, it must be important!

Colonel: Spartan, you're not leaving this station. Whether you want to or not. All Captains have been given strict orders not to leave as well. You're stuck here no matter what.

Rusty: You want to court marshall me, fine! But a Spartan never leaves anyone behind! No matter what!

Colonel: Omega leader, get your squadmate under control.

Neil: *grabs you by the elbow* Come on, six. Calm down.

Rusty: B-but-

*Neil motions with his head for the rest of Omega team to follow him, then leads you back into the prep room*

Rusty: *a tear rolls down his cheek* Amber...

*the doors shut behind you all*

Neil: Six, I don't know what's come over you, but you need to calm down. Think about the situation. We aren't allowed to leave the station, and even if we were, it's obvious there's a large Covenant force there, waiting for a rescue attempt to ambush. It's too risky.

Robin: Better than sitting here...

Neil: No! Orders are orders!

Rusty: Sometimes you have to break the rules in order to do what's right.

Neil: No, six. That's not how it works.

Robin: I thought we signed on to do the right thing.

Neil: .................

Rusty: You know that we're right.

Neil: Look. Even if we DID want to do this, there's no way to get transport off this station. All of the Captains have been given strict orders not to leave, and there's not going to be a Captain that will disobey orders like that.

Rusty: So how are we going to pull off this miracle?

Neil: We AREN'T. As I said. Unless you all can find a Captain that would be crazy enough to disobey a direct order right in front of everyone and escape with a massive ship with a military force large enough to invade an entire planet.

Rusty: Where are we going to find a captain crazy enough to let us do that?

Neil: We're NOT. Just forget about it. *sits down*

Robin: So that's it, then?

Neil: Yes, three. That's it.

Penny: If the info was for Halsey, you KNOW it's damn important.

Neil: ........I know.

Rusty: I'm not the type to just sit by and do nothing. Were Spartans! It's time to act like it.

Penny: And what do you suggest we do? We can't get off this station!

Jack: Man, this sucks.

Jim: Come on, mates. Let's just try to keep it off our minds for now. *opens up the door and walks out*

Jack: Yeah...I guess...*follows him*

Neil: ............

Rusty: Easy for you to say. You weren't there to see the ship take off. If only I had gone with that ship...

Robin: ...........*slams her fist on the wall angrily* If only the Captains weren't all such ass-kissers!

Penny: Tell me about it.

*they walk out, and it's just you and Neil*

Neil: Six...I'm sorry. I wanna do this just as bad as you do.

Rusty: If only I had gone...i-it would have made it! *punches the wall and leaves a dent*

Neil: If you can find me a Captain that would risk their life and the lives of countless others to obtain a little binder, not to mention risk being stripped of their rank for disobeying a direct order from command...*stands up and looks at you*...then the mission is a go. *walks out*

*you stand there alone*

*just as you're about to go to your quarters, defeated, you hear a Colonel talking to someone down the hall as they walk towards the command center*

Rusty: *listens in*

Colonel: .......nce you managed to retrieve the three Spartans from Delta team without any real casualties. But I swear, Captain, if you pull a stunt like this again, you can bet your fine little ass you WON'T be Captain any longer. You'll be a inmate in a cell in the brig. Am I understood?

Captain: *female voice* Yes, sir.

Colonel: Dismissed.

*the Colonel walks past you and nods*

Rusty: Alicia?

Alicia: Spartan. I see you're back in working order. Reassigned, I take it?

Rusty: Unfortunatly. I have a favor to ask you.

Alicia: A favor? What could a Spartan possibly want from me?

Rusty: I need your help to stage a rescue mission for the Halberd.

Alicia: I haven't heard of this from command. When was my ship assigned this rescue mission?

Rusty: It wasn't. They don't think that it's important enough. But I do. That ship has precious cargo.

Alicia: So you want me to stage a last-minute rescue...

Rusty: Please, I'm begging you!

Alicia: *sigh* Spartan, I'm sure you have the best and noblest of intentions. But I have been given strict orders not to leave this station. If I disobey an order from command again, it's to the brig for me.

Rusty: But the precious cargo is information for Dr. Halsey!

Alicia: What? How would you know something like that?

Rusty: The scientist intern we rescued was carrying an envelope in her arms that had Dr. Halsey's name on it. Plus, she told me herself that she had info for her.

Alicia: *turns around, thinking* Spartan...the Halberd is lost. There's a Covenant fleet patrolling that sector. How do you expect to do anything in this situation?

Rusty: That's where you come in. You have a ship and an entire military force at your disposal.

Alicia: That's not nearly enough. That's a fools errand. You'd never even make it in.

Rusty: Don't underestimate a Spartan.

Alicia: ............. *turns to face you* That's two you owe me now, Spartan.

Rusty: *smirks* Who's keeping track?

Alicia: We'll have to make a quick getaway. A ship the size of the Leap Of Faith can't exactly sneak out of a space station. They'll know as soon as the engines start up.

Rusty: *nods*

Alicia: Leave it to command to give a female Captain an antique ship.

*Neil walks by*

Rusty: Niel, I got us a ride

.Neil: Really?

Rusty: The very person who rescued the rest of my old group.

Neil: *salutes Alicia* It's an honor ma'am. Omega team, on me.

Alicia: Spartan, I'm really sticking my neck out on this one.

Neil: I understand, ma'am. We won't let you down.

Rusty: *smiles* Thank you, Alicia.

Alicia: *tries to hide a smile, but it breaks through.* Aw, hell. Who am I kidding? I can't resist something as exciting as this. *nods at Omega Team* I'll meet you at docking arm 32. *walks off*

Rusty: I knew that she would pull through.

Neil: Alright, Omegas. Gather your belongings. I have a feeling we aren't coming back.

Jack: Amen to that!

Rusty: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Rusty: *grabs a familiar red and blue object along with the rest of his belongings*

Robin: What's THAT? How old are you? Five?

Rusty: My dad got this for my birthday! It's all I have that reminds me of home.

Jack: Shit...that's like super-rare. Earth shit right there.

Robin: Whatever. You boys have fun playing with your toys.

Jack: Hey! They're collectables!

Rusty: Let it go Jack. She wouldn't understand.

Jack: True, dat. A'ight, we droppin' it like it's hot. Let's bounce! *follows Neil*

Neil: Omega team...we're moving out!

Penny: For great justice!

Robin: Let's just go...

*you make it to docking arm 32. It's oddly quiet for a docking arm whose ship is about to take off*

Robin: What the hell? I thought you said she came through?

Penny: This ship isn't prepped for takeoff at all.

Neil: She said we'd be going in a hurry. Plus, no one else on the station knows about this. I'd trust that this ship IS ready to take off.

Robin: But the arms are still holding it!

Rusty: Only one way to find out for sure.

Neil: *on coms* This is Omega One. Permission to board.

Robin: ..........

Penny: ..........

Jack: I got a bad feeling about this...

Rusty: ........

Coms: Permission granted, Omega One.

Robin: Ever get the feeling you're being set up?

Neil: ........

Rusty: I'm gettin' that feeling right now. *cocks rifle* Just in case...

Neil: We can't harm anyone on this station.

Robin: Well...*a platform lands and opens up*

Jack: Ladies first.

Robin: Fuck you!

Rusty: I'm not going to shoot them. I'm just going to scare them shitless if they try anything funny!

Neil: If we're caught, I doubt we'll be able to scare anyone. Let's go, Omegas.

Rusty: *nods*

*everyone hesitantly gets on the platform, it closes up, and begins moving toward the side of the Leap Of Faith*

Jack: Well. This is it. Disobeying a direct order from command. Possibly flying right into our graves. You all ready for this?

Neil: Always.

Penny: You don't even have to ask.

Robin: Jack, trust me. Ever since I was introduced to you I've wanted someone to shoot me.

Jack: Ahaha!

Rusty: Ouch! That's a burn!

Jack: Naw, it's chill! She likes me deep down inside!

Robin: And then you woke up.

Jack: Hooo! Come on girl!

Rusty: No comment.

Neil: Okay, okay, lock it down.

*the platform arrives on a docking bay of the Leap Of Faith and opens up*

*you see rows and rows of Warthogs, Mongooses, Scorpions, Pelicans, Hornets, Falcons, and Longsword Fighers for as far as you can see, and tons and tons of ammo and weapon crates. Marines, fully-clad in their armor, are cautiously working about the bay, knowledgeable of what they're about to get themselves into.*

Rusty: much artillary...

Neil: These ships are large, and usually outfitted for an all-out assault.

Penny: I hear they're bringing one just as old as this one out of retirement for some special mission soon.

Jack: Really?

Rusty: I heard about that as well. The Pillar of Autumn, right?

Penny: Yep. They're outfitting her with special armor and weapons. Gonna try to take over a Covenant Flagship and sneak in to Covenant territory to strike right at the heart of those bastards. I hear a team of Spartan-II's will be on board. Led by none other than Sierra-One-One-Seven.

Penny: Gonna be captained by Jacob Keyes too.

Jack: How d'you know all this stuff?

Penny: I MAY have been Halsey's personal guard for a short while.

Rusty: Interesting.

Neil: *looks at Penny* You know what this info we're saving is about...don't you?

Penny: Maybe.

Neil: Is it really as important as I hope it is?

Penny: *shrug* It's just something she's been working on for a while. A new super-A.I. that thinks and solves problems on its own. Uses forerunner tech.

Jack: Never heard of such a thing.

Rusty: Sounds too good to be true.

Jack: So...this info is just blueprints for this A.I.?

Penny: Affirmative.

Robin: That's what we're doing this for? An A.I.?

Neil: *shrug* I guess.

Rusty: If those alien bastards got ahold of it, it could mean disaster for us all.

*you all walk onto the ship and the platform closes up and floats away. Just then, the bay doors of the Leap Of Faith begin to close.*

Elly: *walks up and salutes* Spartans! The Captain wishes to see you on the bridge! ASAP!

Neil: Copy. Let's move.

*you all follow Elly to the bridge. Alicia standing at the main viewscreen, doing a checklist for emergency take-off*

Rusty: Thanks again, Alicia.

Alicia: Yeah yeah yeah. Don't thank me until we get out of here. If we even do.

Neil: Are we almost ready?

Alicia: Sort of. But some of the things on here are a bit risky to do if you're trying to be sneaky. I'm trying to make this as quiet as possible.

Rusty: Quiet is the least of our worries.

Alicia: Not really. It's actually very important. I don't want to make noise until I'm blasting out of here.

Rusty: That's true...

Penny: I would wager a ship this large has a lot to do to take off. Especially so suddenly.

Alicia: You have no idea.

Neil: Will you be able to do it? Or not?

Alicia: We'll see.

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PostSubject: Re: Halo Roleplay   Halo Roleplay EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 3:32 am

*still doing pre-emergency take-off checklist*

Alicia: Spartans got a plan for what happens AFTER we get the info?

Neil: Well...we're still working on that, ma'am.

Rusty: Thanks a lot for this, Alicia.

Alicia: Don't thank me just yet.

Robin: Yeah. She has to get us out of here first. Preferrably alive.

Jack: You don't think they'd shoot us down, do you?

Alicia: It's possible.

Alicia: Well, I just hope you know what you're doing.

Neil: Yes, ma'am.

Alicia: Oh...right. There's a big, clinging problem to take care of before we can go anywhere.

Jack: Clinging?

Rusty: The docking mechanism.

Alicia: The large claw-clamp holding the ship in place to be exact. We can't do anything until that has been disengaged. And only command can do that. That or a ton of explosives.

Robin: Basically meaning, we aren't going anywhere.

Alicia: I only need someone to disable it. Damage the circuits to the motors on it. Then it won't be able to keep hold and be limp.

Rusty: *Pulls out rocket launcher* I'm on it.

Neil: *puts a hand on your shoulder* Negative.

Alicia: You DO realize that whoever disables the clamp will be forced to stay at the station, right? As soon as the clamp is disabled, we're going.

Robin: So if we can't do it, who will?

Pilot: Not to mention the Leap Of Faith is massive...even with the new manuevering thrusters installed on the sides, top, and bottom, it'd still be a tight squeeze. I don't think we can do it.

Robin: *looks at Alicia* With all due respect, Captain, what the FUCK are you going to do about that?

Alicia: I'm not a Captain for nothing. *gives her a sly look*

Robin: ?

Alicia: Just leave the ship flying to me, Spartans. I need someone to take that claw-clamp offline.

Neil: Alright, Omega Team. I want you to find someone on this ship that can take care of this. Preferably a team.

Rusty: Can't we hack into the system?

Alicia: No...they aren't run by Microsoft. Come on.

Neil: Get to work, Omegas. Get down to the hangars and such and find a team to take care of that claw-clamp.

Rusty: How are we going to do this?

Robin: *sigh* Since everyone else seems to be retarded, I'LL go find someone to take care of it. *walks out*

Rusty: Uh....

Rusty: Wow....she' I don't even know what to say.

Alicia: Dutiful?

*Robin goes down to the ship's hangar and finds a team of marines willing to risk it all, and they get to work immediately as Alicia continues the checklist*

Alicia: .......

Pilot: But what about backing out? What are we going to do? I don't get it!

Rusty: Hmm...that's a good point...

Alicia: Just do as I say and you'll be fine.

Pilot: Aaaugh! That's so frustrating! Why don't you just tell us?

Alicia: Are engines almost ready to fire?

Pilot: What?

Alicia: The engines! Check the status of the engines!

Pilot: Oh! They're uh...*checks his screen*...97% done.

Co-pilot: Just a couple more minutes.

Neil: I don't like this.

Alicia: Just relax.

Neil: *sigh*

Alicia: What are the status of the maneuvering thrusters and jets?

Pilot: 100%. Ready to fire whenever.

Alicia: Good.

Rusty: Let's do this.

Alicia: Hull integrity, 100%. All personnel on board?

Co-pilot: Affirmative.

Alicia: Close all hatches and lock them. Activate air seals.

Co-pilot: Copy. Closing all hatches and locking. Activating air seals.

Alicia: *takes a deep breath*

*everyone looks at her*

Alicia: *closes her eyes, waits a few seconds*

Robin: She okay?

Co-pilot: She always does this right before an op. I guess she's going over how she wants it to go in her head, imagining possible failures, etcetera.

*everyone looks at her, awaiting the order*

*coms*: Ma'am? We're in position. Ready when you are.

Alicia: *releases the breath she had been holding, opens her eyes, now with a determined look in them, and looks at the viewscreen* Engine room, begin start-up sequence.

ER Coms: Copy. Beginning start-up.

Alicia: Fireteam, you have permission to take out the claw-clamp.

Coms: Roger. Okay boys! Let's make sparks!

Rusty: We're about to become outlaws...

*there is a large explosion from outside, above the ship, and the ship begins to slide out of the now-limp grip of the claw-clamp, falling to the ground of the station*

Co-pilot: We're gonna crash!

Robin: Fuck! What now?!

Jack: I hate feelin' so helpless!

Alicia: Pilot, follow all of my orders to the letter from here-on.

Pilot: What? Y-yes ma'am.

Alicia: Activate bottom stabilizing jet and reverse maneuvering engines, full-blast.

*the ship suddenly lurches up slightly, and you feel like you're on one of those rides at the carnival that drops you suddenly and then stops you and lifts you back up without warning*

*suddenly, from the main view window, you see the walls of the station hangar begin to move away*

*the pilot, following orders, can hardly believe what he just did*

Rusty: Holy shit!

Coms: UNSC Leap Of Faith, you are in direct violation of orders and regulation 22-16. Return to dock 32 and await further instruction. Failure to do so will result in you being forcibly returned to the dock.

Alicia: *silent*

Pilot: Ma'am? I think they're pissed.

Alicia: No shit.

Rusty: Oh well!

Co-pilot: Now what? We can't just go backwards all the way! We're a sitting duck!

Alicia: Deactivate bottom stabilizing jet and left reverse maneuvering thruster.

Pilot: Okay...but...what about the right thruster?

Alicia: Leave it on. Actually, divert more power to it.

Jack: Wait...what?

*suddenly, you feel the ship lurch left as it begins to spin counter-clockwise*

Rusty: This ship may be old, but she's still got some moves!

*halfway through the spin*

Alicia: Deactivate the maneuvering thruster, wait three seconds, then activate both maneuvering thrusters forward, right at 75%, left at full, and activate main thrusters, 100% power.

*the maneuvering thruster is deactivated, but because it's in space it continues to spin*

*the pilot gets what Alicia wants, and in three seconds, he activates everything she said, the left maneuvering jet’s increased power compared to the right one stabilizing the ship on a set, straight path*

*the ship lurches forward, accelerating away from the station*

*back on station in command*

Officer: Holy shit, sir. Did you see that?!

Colonel: *sigh* Yes. Yes I did.

Officer: She sure is bold!

Colonel: Too bold for her own good. *gets on coms* Longsword squadron A, prepare for retrieval mission.

*back on LOF*

Robin: Ha! She actually did it!

Rusty: I know, right?! Incredible...

Pilot: *sweating* Heh...we...we did it!

Rusty: We're not out of the woods yet. They're probably going to be starting a retrieval mission.

Alicia: They already have.

Rusty: Figures. It's never easy, is it?

*12 longsword fighters fly out of the station, bearing down on the escaping ship*

Co-pilot: Sensors blaring. Twelve contacts bearing down on our six. Longsword bombers.

Alicia: Bombers?

Jack: Wait a minute. They aren't going to-

Rusty: Do you have any fighter craft aboard?

Alicia: No one else is leaving the ship.

Rusty: But someone needs to defend the ship!

Pilot: Don't worry, guys. The Faith has been outfitted with special plasma-resistant armor and the best cannons the UNSC has to offer. They can't touch us. We'll shoot them out of the skies like FLIES!

*the 12 fighters break off into 4 groups of 3 and surround the Faith, one group on the left, one on the right, one above, and one below*

Co-pilot: Bring it on, you buggers.

Pilot: Permission to fire?

Alicia: Denied.

Co-pilot: Wait...

*everyone looks at her in shock and disbelief*

Pilot: They're going to shoot us!

Rusty: Y-you can't be serious!

Co-pilot: What do you mean "denied?!"

Alicia: How long until the slipspace drive can be used?

Pilot: Uh...*checks screen*...five minutes.

Rusty: Can we speed that up somehow?!

Coms: UNSC Leap Of Faith, you have 30 seconds to comply and return to the station. If you refuse...we will use deadly force.

Co-pilot: I calculate that only three Longsword bombs will be enough to breach the hull.

Rusty: Shit...

Robin: That means four hull breaches! And if we jump with hull breaches, the whole ship will just break up!

Alicia: ........

Rusty: We have no choice but to fight and defend!

Neil: Ma'am, six is right. We HAVE to fend off those fighters. Permission to use turrets?

Alicia: Denied.

Robin: Dammit! You're gonna get us all killed!

Rusty: It's either let us help, or have the hull breached and us dying in slipspace...

Coms: 20 seconds, Leap Of Faith.

Pilot: Ma'am...

Alicia: ..........

Pilot: Please.

Alicia: Negative. Continue your course.

Rusty: That's it. I'm using a turret. I'm not gonna let this ship be destroyed!

Alicia: We are not to fire on friendly craft. Locking all turret access now. *keys in a passcode*

Pilot: But Captain!!

Robin: So this is it.

Jack: M-maybe they're bluffin'.

Rusty: In case you haven't noticed, they're not exactly friendly anymore!

Coms: Ten seconds. Longsword squadron, prepare to bomb the target.

Coms: Copy.

Co-pilot: *panics, sweating* We're gonna die, we're gonna die!

Alicia: *takes a deep breath and closes her eyes*

Coms: Five seconds.

Rusty: Alicia, unlock these turrets! I'm not going to let us all die!

Coms: Four.

Pilot: Captain, please! For the love of god!

Coms: Three.

Rusty: You idiot! They're not joking around!

Coms: Two.

Alicia: ...........

Coms: One.

Neil: This is it!

Ship A.I.: Slipspace rupture detected.

Pilot: What?

Rusty: Come again?

*suddenly, through the front view window, you look in time to see the belly of a Covenant cruiser appear from out of slipspace just as the Faith flies under it*

Alicia: *opens her eyes* The Covenant...

Rusty: You knew the whole time?!

Coms: Longsword squadron, break off immediately and return to station ASAP!

Coms: Copy. *the 12 Longsword fighters break off, allowing the Faith to continue.*

Alicia: .........

Pilot: We're in the clear...for now...

Alicia: Status of the slipspace drive?

Pilot: Two more minutes.

Robin: Wait...*looks at Alicia, unsure* We're going back to help them, right?

Alicia: ..........

Rusty: I think they signed their own death warrants when the decided to come after us.

Robin: That's not fair! WE are the ones in the wrong here! And there are so many civilians and other Spartans on that station! People that have nothing to do with this!

Alicia: ............

Rusty: You raise a good point...I've been a soldier for so long, I've become cold and calculating. I thought I changed, but it seems I still need to improve...

*you watch on the rear viewscreen as the Covenant cruiser begins to fire upon the station. Ships struggle to get out. Many are destroyed before they can even begin, and the ones that do begin to get out are fired upon relentlessly. One escaping ship explodes.*

Pilot: Ma'am? Orders?

Rusty: Oh my god! We're going to go help them!

Alicia: Deactivate the rear viewscreen.

Pilot: *sadly* Yes, ma'am...

*the viewscreen goes blank*

Robin: What are you doing?

Alicia: .........

Rusty: Do you not care?

Jack: We can't just leave them like that.

Rusty: We're not! We're going to go help them!

Penny: Are we?

Co-pilot: Ma'am? The slipspace drive is ready to engage.

Jim: Come on, milady. Are you really going to abandon them like this?

Robin: Yeah. It's our go help them.

Rusty: That's why we Spartans exist.

Alicia: Activate the Shaw-Fujikawa.

Co-pilot: Copy. Activating now.

Jack: What?

Rusty: Huh?

Jack: What's a Shaw-Fujikawa?

Neil: *stands there*

Jack: Sir? Do you know what it is? What the hell's a Shaw-Fujikawa?

*the spartans look at him*

Neil: Shaw-Fujikawa is a company that makes many different important ship parts. Usually, the Captain of a ship uses the name to identify a certain, widely-used part that the company makes.

Jack: What part?

Neil: The slipspace drive.

Robin:! We can't go into slipspace with them like that!

Neil: Tone it down, three.......we already have.

*the Faith leaps into slipspace, and out the windows is nothing but a blur*

Rusty: Noo!!

Robin: How could!!

Alicia: Maybe you've forgotten.....but you have a mission to accomplish.

Robin: No one cares about a fucking A.I. blueprint!!!

Rusty: .......... *walks to the quarters*

Jim: *Walks in. He rooms with you. Each room shelters 2 Spartans* Sure hope everyone got out alright...

Rusty: .....Yeah.

Jim: Dun worry about it, mate. Nothing we can do now.

Rusty: I guess I could use a little R&R.....

Jim: We all could. And we're gonna need it. Once we come out of's back to fighting again.

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PostSubject: Re: Halo Roleplay   Halo Roleplay EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 3:33 am

A.I.: We will be arriving within the limits of Covenant-controlled space within seven hours. The last known position of the Halberd resides somewhere within this space.

Alicia: I won't be able to go in too far. We're prepping a shuttle for you Spartans to use.

Rusty: Thank you.

A.I.: If you would like, you may be put into cryo-sleep to rest the seven hours.

Jim: Yeah...that sounds nice.

Neil: Let's do that then. We'll meet back up in the docking bay in seven hours.

Rusty: I'm not sleeping...

Jim: I'd advise you do. Seven hours with nothing to do is very dull. And you'll need the rest. Trust me. I'm a Spartan field medic.

Rusty: .....Fine.........

.*seven hours later*

*you awake to the cryopod opening up, and climb out

*Neil: Everyone up? Let's get moving.

Penny: Five more minutes?

Jack: Haha! Yeah right.

Robin: *brushes past*

Rusty: Just hang on Amber. We're on our way.

*in the docking bay, there is a Pelican-sized private shuttle usually reserved for the captain. It's been outfitted with armor, weak shielding, and some defensive weaponry*

Engineer: This is it, Spartans. I hope you know what you're doing...

Rusty: So who's flying?

Jim: If you don't mind, sir...*looks at Neil*

Neil: Jim will fly us in.

Jim: Thank you, sir.

Neil: Gear up, Omegas. Equipment on the deck. Let's move. Five minutes.

*there is tons of weapons and equipment spread out on the deck of the docking bay, around the shuttle*

Engineer: Spartans to leave in five minutes! Clear the deck!

Rusty: *grabs a shotgun and assault rifle*

*You climb on board the shuttle and take a seat, loading rounds into your extra mags as everyone else gears up and climbs aboard, and before you know it, Jim is backing the shuttle out of the bay and flying it out*

Neil: Alright, Omegas. We've got a bit of a flight, and once we go in there, we're on our own. Keep it on the down-low. This shuttle is equipped with cloaking technology, so we can go in without being noticed.

Jack: Sweetness.

Neil: Six, you know what the person holding the info looks like, so you'll take point.

Rusty: Hell yeah.

Jim: Halberd in might want to take a look at this...

Neil: *walks up to the cockpit* ........

Rusty: Oh my god...

Robin: What is it? The Covenant?

*You all look out the cockpit window to see what's left of the once-proud ship that bravely waited to be the last ship off of the now-destroyed planet. It looks like a piece of paper a little kid shredded to pieces*

Penny: There's no way anyone could have survived that...

Rusty: I should have gone with them...they would've had a better chance!

*There's only one part that looks intact enough: the cryo bay and passenger room section*

Neil: That's our LZ.

Jim: Copy.

*Jim brings the shuttle in and holds it in place*

Neil: Alright, six. Take point. Get to the air lock and get us in. Be careful. There may be survivors.

Rusty: *Mounts jetpack on his back* Let's do this.

Neil: Look before you leap, Omegas. In space, once you start going, it's nearly impossible to stop. Make sure the way is clear before you jump.

Rusty: I know. I've had experience using these in space.

*you jump from the shuttle to the airlock, and Neil and Penny are right behind you*

Jack: *looks at Robin* Bet I can beat you there.

Robin: Moron.

Jack: *jumps* See ya!!

Robin: Jack, wait!

Neil: Four!

*Jack jumps, but doesn't see that a piece of debris was floating by. It hits him in the head, and his vitals flatline*

Robin: JACK!!

Jim: Damn it!

Neil: ...........Five, stay with the shuttle. Keep it there.

Jim: Right. Waiting on you, mate.

Neil: *turns to you* Six?

Robin: *lands, remaining silent* ...........

Rusty: Move out...

Neil: You're the one that needs to move, Six. Let's go.

*you walk up to the airlock and press the button*


Penny: You've GOT to be kidding me.

Robin: You actually think something on this thing would work?

Rusty: I've had enough of this! *punches the button*


Neil: Have to cut our way through. Two, get on it.

Penny: Way ahead of you. *already cutting through with a portable cutting torch*

Robin: *tries not to turn to look at the lifeless corpse of her comrade, floating away*

Neil: Three, stay focused.

Robin: Yes, sir...

Rusty: We still have a rescue mission to complete.

Penny: *a clanging noise is heard* Done. *Kicks the door in*

Neil: No vacuum suction. That means there was no air in here anyway. Keep your helmets on.

Robin: Which means no survivors.

Neil: We're not here for survivors.

Rusty: ...*nods*

*you walk into the hallway and take a right, activating your night vision. Nothing on the ship is working, as it's completely destroyed. No lights or anything. You walk up to a door...and it stays shut*

Penny: Makes you miss door handles, doesn't it?

Neil: Cut the chatter. with it.

Rusty: Riiight.

*You kick the door, and it flies apart, into the room. You all walk in. Extra ammo is floating around, along with a couple Magnums.*

Rusty: Anybody need ammo?

Neil: Next room. Go.

*you kick the next door down and see someone floating in the room*

Penny: Contact!

Neil: Hold fire!

Neil: Six, check it out.

Rusty: *floats over to the person*

*A dead marine, with a suprised look on his face. Another is floating under him. You sigh in relief and turn around, and your heart jumps. You see Amber, floating right next to you*

Rusty: Amber!

Neil: Six? Report.

*she has a surprised look on her face as she floats there, motionless. The binder she held is still in her hands*

Rusty: Its Amber!

Rusty: I think I found what we were looking for. *Takes the binder from her arms*

Neil: Excellent. Grab it. Then move to the next room. Should be cryo storage.

Rusty: I also may have found a survivor...

Rusty: Amber...please be ok...

Penny: *floats up and looks her up and down* Negative. She's been dead for a few hours now.

Rusty: T-that can't be!!

Neil: Six...let's keep moving.

*You look at her as rage wells up inside of you. Those Covenant bastards will pay.*

Rusty: Why does this keep happening!!!!!!???

Neil: Six! Move it! We don't have much time!

*Penny takes point and kicks the door down, walking into cryo storage*

Penny: Cryo bay, sir.

Neil: I thought so. Looks intact.

Robin: Woopdee-doo. Who cares?

Neil: Look over the cryo pods. They have back-up generators, so they should still be working.

Penny: Roger. *looks at a few of the pods*

Neil: Six, take the middle.

Rusty: Right...

Robin: Empty...empty...empty...

Penny: All empty over here too, sir.

*you walk around the center, looking inside each cryo pod. Empty...empty...empty...empty...*

Neil: Report.

Penny: Nothing here.

Robin: Nothing.

Rusty: Same here.

*suddenly, you see one that is active. The glass is fogged up*

Neil: Nothing here either. No survivors then.

Rusty: I think I found something!

Neil: *perks up* What?

Rusty: I found an active cryo pod!

Penny: Well I'll be damned.

Neil: Unhook it and bring it with us. Let's get back to the ship.

Robin: *leans down and unplugs the pod, and she and Penny carry it out*

*you return to the shuttle*

Neil: Jim, get us out of here.

Jim: Too right. *flies back to the LOF*

Robin: .............

Neil: *on coms* Captain Mychols. We have secured the package. Returning now.

Alicia: *on coms* Copy. Opening the docking bay doors now.

Rusty: How many? How many are going to have to die by these alien bastards?!

Robin: ...........

Neil: Let's simmer down. Time for some R and R.

*Jim lands the shuttle and you get out, angrily throwing your weapons and gear on the ground*

Rusty: Goddammit!

Neil: *puts a hand on your shoulder reassuringly, then looks at Jim* Jim, get this pod to the med bay. Check it out.

Jim: Sir. *moves the pod with the help of some marines*

Rusty: I should have never signed up for the Spartan program...

*A couple hours later, you're in the Spartan prep room, your helmet off, just sitting there staring at the binder in your hands. She died...for this.*

Rusty: Why? Why did she have to die for this!?

Neil: *also sitting there with his helmet off* It must be very important. We can't let her death go in vain. *stands up* We're getting that binder to Reach. To Halsey. And nothing is going to stop us.

Rusty: I-I worked so hard to protect her, and this is what happened! No wonder I bury my emotions...

Rusty: So what's so damn important about this binder?

Jim: *on coms* Sir. Just cracked the case and had a good look. It's another Spartan! Looks like brain damage. Maybe a lucky shot from a Covenant bastard. Death was so sudden that the body didn't have time to die...............sir, I think I may be able to save 'em.

Neil: Do what you can, Jim. I'll come by later. *gets off of coms and looks at you* Watch over it. *walks out*

*you join Robin and Neil on the bridge*

Neil: Captain, we're ready to go. Take us to Reach.

Alicia: .............

Robin: Whatever is in that binder needs to get to Halsey ASAP.

Rusty: I guess we're headed back to Reach.

Alicia: .............I can't take you to Reach.

Robin: What?!

Alicia: As soon as I return to human's to the brig. For life.

Robin: But...but this is IMPORTANT!!

Alicia: I'm sorry, Spartans.

Robin: COWARD!!

Rusty: Shit! She's right!

Neil: Three! Six!

Rusty: We can do an orbital drop!

Alicia: I can't go anywhere near there. Or anywhere.

Robin: So what are you going to do? Just run until the Covenant catch you? Or you run out of supplies and starve to death?

Neil: Captain...I don't think you have a choice.

Alicia: I most certainly DO have a choice, Spartan. And I've made it.

Neil: Captain, with all due respect-

Alicia: Leave the bridge, please, Spartans.

Rusty: We can't.

Robin: After all of that, you're just turning cheek?! After all we worked for.....and all of the people that're up? You'll be a hero!

Alicia: *shakes her head*

Neil: Captain...

Alicia: You are dismissed, Spartans.

Neil: .............

Rusty: I guess we don't have a choice...

Neil: Three, six, let's go.

Robin: ..........

*as you walk out, Neil gets on the private, Spartan-only com channel*

Neil: Two, regroup on me. Five, how's it coming on our frozen Spartan?

Jim: *on coms* Almost recreated the parts that have been shot out. Then I just need to put it in surgically and let 'em sit it the cryopod and heal.

Neil: We're moving out.

Penny: To where?

Neil: Get to the shuttle. I'm sick of taking orders. We're getting off this hunk of junk.

Neil: *looks at you* Let's get the job done, Spartan.

Robin: Sir, for once, I say HELL YES.

Rusty: I'm getting a few of my things from my room. Hang on.

Neil: Copy. Meet back at the shuttle.

Rusty: *grabs his Optimus Prime and a few other things as well*

*When you meet back at the shuttle, Jim just rolls the cryo pod with the Spartan survivor in.*

Neil: Right. We good to go?

Jim: All good here.

Penny: Anytime.

Robin: Always.

Rusty: Let's blow this popsicle stand.

*You mount up on the shuttle, and Jim starts it up and begins to fly it out*

*back on the bridge*

Pilot 1: Captain! The shuttle is taking off!

Pilot 2: Should we close the bay doors?

Alicia: ........................

Pilot 2: Captain?

Alicia: Let them go.

Pilot 1: Wh...what?!

Alicia: Prepare the slipspace drive. *watches the shuttle fly away* Good luck Spartans.

*in the shuttle, you watch as the Leap Of Faith disappears into slipspace*

Jim: And so the Leap Of Faith makes its leap of faith...

Penny: I wonder where she's going...

Neil: Don't worry about that right now. Let's worry about getting this binder to Halsey.

Jim: Oh...OH! Oh....

Neil: *looks over* Jim? You okay?

Jim: For now. But- oh! Yeah...getting that to Halsey just became a big problem.

*you look out to see an entire Covenant fleet exit slipspace*

Robin: No way...

Neil: The cloaking was taken off the shuttle before we took off!

Rusty: Holy shit!

*the ships open fire*

Neil: Jim?!

Jim: On it, sir!

*Jim does his best to dodge the shots, but one of the engines is hit*

Jim: Dammit!

Robin: It's like this binder just wasn't meant to be united with Halsey!

Jim: Can't do a slipspace jump with a damaged engine!

Rusty: So what, do we fight?

Jim: Against THOSE things?! Not a chance!

Neil: We have to set down somewhere. Fly to that nearby planet.

Jim: If you say so, sir...

*flies toward a green, foresty planet nearby*

*the shuttle suddenly lurches violently*

Penny: What was that?

Jim: Engine two is out!

Rusty: Fuck!

*the ship decends rapidly, out of control*

Neil: Omegas, lock your armor and brace for impact!

*the last thing you remember is the sound of the shuttle crashing with the ground. You awake lying face-down on the ground*

Rusty: Urrgh...

Robin: Six, you alright?

Rusty: More or less.

Neil: On your feet, six. *hands you the binder.* You dropped this.

Rusty: Thanks.

*Penny climbs out of the cockpit and slings her sniper rifle over her shoulder*

Penny: We lost Jim, sir.

Neil: Aw, Jim....

Robin: What about the guy in the cryo pod?

Penny: Still intact. Attached hover pads to it to make it easier to drag around. *pulls it out. it hovers half a foot above the ground*

Rusty: How much longer until he can wake up?

Penny: Jim set a timer. Another hour.

Neil: Six, you've been out for a good five minutes. The Covenant will be sending search parties soon. Let's move.

*You all move through the dense jungle, Robin dragging the pod along*

Rusty: You doing alright Robin?

Robin: Does it matter? There's no way off of this planet. We're all going to die here anyway.

Rusty: .......Idiot! Are you always like this?

Robin: What exactly do you mean by that? There IS no way off of this planet. Our only way off was that shuttle. Our oh-so-brave captain left us to die, and we have no way of communicating with any ships because the shuttle long-range transponder is destroyed.

Rusty: So what?! I've been through worse with previous squadmates!

Neil: She's right, six. We're sort of going as is right now. I'm not sure what we'll do. In the meantime, let's focus on surviving.

Penny: That Phantom looks like it's important. I think they may be sending a high-ranking officer to deal with us.

Rusty: There's our ride.

*it drops off three elites on a distant hill and flies back into space*

Robin: You were saying?

Neil: They're cunning. They know we have no way off the planet.

Rusty: The elites are probably carrying some sort of transmitter to call their ship. We kill them, we get the transmitter.

Neil: It's not that easy, six. They know we aren't elites. Like I said, just focus on surviving. Protect that binder.

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*The team moves through the area, sticking near the trees. Robin drags the floating cryo bay behind her with one arm, her DMR in her other arm, looking back and forth constantly*

Neil: Stay sharp, Omegas...we saw that Phantom drop some troops off. They could be on us any minute.

Penny: ..........

Rusty: Right. *cocks shotgun* Let's hope they don't notice us.

Neil: *Points to the trees ahead* Let's head for the forest. If we can stay in cover, we stand a better chance of surviving.

*Suddenly, out of the forest, a rain of plasma fire pelts the team*

Robin: They're in the forest!

Rusty: Figures! *pulls out assault rifle* I'm getting tired of those bastards trying to flank us!!

Penny: Three o'clock!

*More fire comes from the right. A group of five jackals, three grunts, and a brute chieftain are approaching from the right, trying to box the group in*

Robin: Who wants to bet they have an even larger team waiting for us to the left?

Neil: Stand fast, Omegas. *Cocks his DMR* We're not going anywhere. We're not sheep to be herded. Let's show them what Spartans are made of!

Rusty: *fires assault rifle at one of the jackals* Take this, you son of a bitch!!!

Neil: *Fires at a Jackal holding up its shield, shooting in the opening on the right of the shield, hitting the Jackal in the hand it holds its plasma pistol in. The Jackal reels back in pain, giving a clear shot of its head, and Neil takes it without hesitation. As the Jackal drops, he moves on to the next one, firing before it can bring its shield up.*

Robin: *Unloading her assault rifle at the group in the forest up ahead* Hyaaaaaaa! Die you bastards!

Penny: *Firing her assault rifle ahead as well, staying close to the cryo tube*

Rusty: *chucks a frag grenade in the middle of a group of Jackals* Frag out!!

*The Jackals leap out of the way. Two don't jump far enough and are killed by the blast. The other three stand, disoriented*

*Meanwhile, Neil moves in front of the cryo tube, firing at the group on the right. The brute cheiftain charges forwards at the group, its massive gravity hammer at the ready. It leaps up into the air, bringing it down on top of Neil, but he spins to the right just in time, and the hammer slams into the ground where he stood. He fires at the chieftain's head at point-blank range, but its shields are too strong to break with a single-shot rifle. It turns, swinging to the left. Neil leaps back, but then the chieftain brings the hammer back to the right, getting Neil hard in the chest and slamming him against the cryo tube. Meanwhile, Penny had begun shooting the chieftain and got its shields down, but upon seeing Neil injured she stops, leaping up on top of the cryo tube to see to him.*

Penny: Neil!

Neil: *Laying on the ground up against the cryo tube, holding his chest in pain.*

Penny: *Stands up straight on the cryo tube, at eye-level with the cheiftain as it turns to her. She fires at its head, its helmet coming off, and fires off another round. The chieftain drops down, dead. Just then, however, a plasma grenade soars in the air, landing on Penny's chestplate. She looks down at it as you turn, hearing the sizzling sound. She looks at the group of remaining troops to the right, then at you. Though she only looks at you for a second, it seems like an eternity. Finally, she turns back to the troops, running full-sprint at them, yelling at the top of her lungs. She does a leap into the air to gain more distance just as the grenade goes off in a brilliant flash of blue light, vaporizing her and the remaining troops.*

Rusty: Penny!!!!!

Robin: *Finished dispatching the group in the forest up ahead, she slides to Neil's side* Neil!

Neil: *Coughs and hacks painfully, still holding his chest* You did good...

Robin: Let's get you patched up-

Neil: No. There's no time. You need to-*is interrupted as he coughs*.....hrk...rm...*he twists painfully* You need to get that info to Halsey.

Robin: We're not going to do it without you!

Neil: You have to. It's too late for me. I messed up. And I'll be DAMNED if I'm gonna let you die because of my mistake. I'll just slow you down.

Rusty: *nods* We.......we have to, Robin.....I'm against it as much as you are, but this info is too important. I'm not going to let anyone else die. I've had enough bloodshed for one day...

Robin: No! Fuck that! *Looks at Neil* We're gonna get you outta here! We're gonna get back home together! We're a team!

Neil: And as your leader I'm ORDERING you to go on without me.

Robin: Six, get the biofoam!

Neil: *Turns to you* Six...listen to me. You're in charge now. *He picks up the binder you put down and puts it firmly in your hands* I'm counting on you, buddy. Don't let me down.

Robin: Six! Get the biofoam NOW!

Neil: I need you to get that info off this planet and into Halsey's hands. You two may be our only hope.

Rusty: ...Yes sir. Robin, we have a mission to complete. Like it or not this info is too important and may very well change the outcome of this war.

Neil: Go. Get out of here! *Struggles to stand to his feet, his rifle still in his hands.* I'll make sure you aren't followed......for as long as I can.

Robin: Neil-

Neil: Go! NOW!

*You grab the cryo tube and run towards the forest*

Neil: Keep in cover! Use guerrilla tactics on them! You need to stay alive at all cost!

*In the forest, Robin slows to a walk*

Robin: .............

Rusty: ............Look. I know that this isn't the best idea, but we don't have much of a choice Robin. We have to do it for Omega team...and the human race!

Robin: .......Omega team is dead. And the human race will follow soon after.

Rusty: Not if we can get this info to Dr. Halsey...that's why we did what we had to do...

Rusty: And besides...we're still alive, and once our friend here wakes up we might stand a better chance of getting off of this rock.

Robin: What will one more Spartan do? WE HAVE NO WAY OFF-PLANET! Don't you GET it?! We're DONE!

Rusty: *punches Robin in the shoulder* I have been through worse situations than this!!! You want to know how I survived?! I never gave up!! There will always be a time where you want to give up, but that's just a barrier you have to knock down and overcome!

Robin: ..............So what do you suggest we do?

Rusty: Stay alive at all costs, and strike at those bastards whenever and wherever we can.

Robin: ..........Sir.

*The two of you drag the floating cryo tube along, eventually getting to a river. A large tree has fallen along the width of it, making a makeshift bridge*

Rusty: Let's hope this tree holds up. Stay close to me, Robin.

Robin: ..........

*Robin follows you as you drag the cryo tube behind you. Suddenly, her left foot slips. She falls onto her stomach, slipping just a bit off the log. The roaring river below seems ready to swallow her up, a waterfall not far away. You can't get to her due to the cryo tube in the way. She struggles to get back up onto the rock, but a stub she grabs breaks loose, and she screams as she falls into the water below*

Rusty: Robin!!!!

*You watch helplessly as she struggles to stay at the surface of the water, her heavy armor weighing her down as she's thrown downriver. She tries to grab on to a rock formation but her fingers slip off, and she topples over the waterfall. You close your eyes painfully as you hear her screams as she falls all the way to the sharp rocks at the bottom. You're on your own*

Rusty: ......*decides to keep moving forward*

*You finish crossing the bridge, dragging the cryo tube with your right hand, the binder of info for Dr. Halsey under your left arm*

Rusty: .....*trying to figure out where to go next*

*As you walk through the dense trees, you hear movement behind you*

Rusty: *cocks his rifle and aims at the sound*

*The bushes rustle and move, and it shows itself. It's the Huragok! It must have been on the shuttle before you had taken off of the Leap Of Faith and been knocked out in the crash. It floats over to you, chittering confusedly*

Rusty: It's you. *sighs in relief* You scared me for a moment. Sorry little guy.

*It chitters curiously, turning its head*

Rusty: Any chance you could wake up our friend here?

*It cocks its head to the side, not able to understand English*

Rusty: *point to the cryo tube hoping that it will understand*

*It floats over to the cryo tube. Although Jim's timer has finished counting down, the controls to disengage the cryo tube were fried during the battle with the chieftain. It extends one of its tentacles toward it, the ends splitting open to reveal little tendrils. It begins to take the panels apart quickly.*

*As you watch it patiently, a flurry of metal spikes flies past your head.*

Rusty: Shit!!! *fires assault rifle in the direction from where the spikes came from*

*Three brutes come running through the forest at you, roaring a war cry*

Rusty: Fuck this!! *pulls out shotgun for close quaters* Bring it, you ugly space monkey!!!

*One of the brutes goes to elbow you in the face. You slip to the right and fire straight at his face at point blank, and he goes flying past you, dead. The other two open fire with their spikers*

Rusty: *dodges both of their shots* Not this this time!! *fires at one of the brutes*

*Though the shotgun is best at close range, the shot still manages to make the brute flinch. You take the opportunity to fire on the other one, moving cautiously toward the flinching brute as the other one rears back from your shots. You then go to smash the flinching brute's face in with the butt of your shotgun, but he grabs it, snarling in your face*

Rusty: That all you got? *smirks* Say good night bitch!!

*As he lifts you up into the air, you let go of your rifle and climb onto his right arm, hanging on with your left arm as you grab his helmet with your robotic right arm, yanking it off of his head. He roars in your face, and you slap him with his helmet as his ally approaches. You throw the helmet at his ally's face, causing him to reel back in pain, covering his face, and leap off of the helmetless brute's arm.*

*He puts his arms out to the side, then charges you. You stand your ground, leaping up into the air and punching him hard in the face with your robotic arm, able to do slightly more damage than normal. You and the brute tumble onto the ground, and you time your rolling just right to get to your feet as he rolls right into the knives of the first dead brute's spiker, impaling his head and killing himself*

Rusty: Like a bitch.

*The other brute aims his spiker at you, roaring in challenge*

Rusty: Oh...oh you want some of this? Pal, you do NOT want what I have!

*The brute fires is spiker at you. You run in a wide arc around him, getting closer as the spikes barely miss your head, trailing behind you. As you run past your shotgun, you grab it, not missing a step, cock it, and leap as you get near the brute. Time seems to slow down as you fire straight into his torso while in the air. As you land with a roll, the brute falls over, dead.*

Rusty: Bitch.

*Suddenly, a brute with active camo grabs you by the throat, lifting you into the air with a snarl.*

Rusty: Ghg!!

*The brute brings you close to its face, fogging up your visor slightly with its breath. Suddenly, a shot from the right knocks its helmet off. It turns with surprise, dropping you just as another shot sends it falling over, dead. You turn to look where the shots came from to see...a limping Robin, aiming her magnum forward.*

Rusty: Robin! You're alive!!

Robin: I'm not gonna let a FUCKIN' waterfall kill me now...

Rusty: When you fell...I thought-

Robin: *She breathes heavily, lowering her pistol to her side and standing up straight with slight difficulty* Yeah, well-

*Suddenly, more shots come from all around. Plasma shots. The reinforcements have come. Robin slips behind a tree, and you do the same*

*Meanwhile, the huragok has floated away from the cryo tube, trying to stay away from the gunfire as you and Robin pop in and out of the trees, firing as you get a chance*

Rusty: *shoots one of the elites' plasma rifles* Gotcha!

*The explosion is even more intense than a plasma grenade, killing a large number of the group near the elite and causing the rest to stop firing in surprise*

Robin: Lucky shot!

*Just then, the cryo tube begins the opening sequence. Unfortunately, it's in the middle of the battlezone, caught in the crossfire*

Robin: Oh, what the fuck?!

Rusty: Shit! He's not gonna survive!!

Robin: Why did you leave it THERE, you idiot?!

Rusty: Hey! I didn't know that this was gonna happen!!

Robin: Some leader YOU are! *Peeks around the tree, firing off a few more shots*

Rusty: *shoots an elite in the head*

*As the cryo tube finishes opening, the Spartan inside closes their eyes tightly, shifts slightly, and groans. They put their hand to their head, obviously with a bad headache, and slowly starts to sit up. Just then, a blast of plasma flies past their head, and they instinctively lay back down, stiff and on-edge*

Rusty: Stay down!! Cover fire, NOW!!

Robin: What do you think I've been doing this whole time?!

???: Wha...five?! Five, is that you?!

Rusty: That can't be!

???: What the hell is going on?! Where are we?!

Rusty: Long story! We'll explain later! Just get your ass over here!!

???: Oh yeah, sure. I'll get right on that.

Robin: Clear a path!

*You begin firing around the location of the cryo tube in an attempt to clear up fire from behind it as Robin moves away from her position, drawing fire her way*

Rusty: *takes out two more elites*

*Just then, the Spartan leaps out of the cryo tube. White armor with blue highlights. They aren't wearing a helmet, and you see the familiar shoulder-length brown hair of-*

Rusty: Emily!

*She runs and slides behind the tree to your left.*

Emily: I need a weapon.

Rusty: Here!! *tosses her his assault rifle*

Emily: *Grabs it, looking at it disappointingly* Man...I hate these things. You're never guaranteed a shot. *She leans around the tree and fires, still as accurate as ever, even with the inaccurate assault rifle at long range, killing two elites and a grunt. She goes back into cover to reload as you toss your last frag grenade* So. What the HELL is going on?!

*Three grunts scream in unison as the grenade goes off, sending them flying*

Rusty: Remember the info that Amber was carrying? *shows her the folder* Well as it turns out, she didn't make it, and we had to go rogue in order to retrieve the information and attempt a rescue mission...but then the ship that we were on? The captain refused to take us to Reach. So we had to commandeer a shuttle and...well that's when everything went South. Oh and we found your cryo pod on Amber's ship as well.

Emily: Wait...I mean...what happened? The mission...all I remember was-

Rusty: You were shot in the head. Apparently your death was so sudden that your body didn't start dying right away. So apparently you were put into cryostasis in order to stay alive.....and thanks to our late medic, you're back up to 100%.

Emily: *As the last of the enemies is downed by Robin* I...died?

Rusty: ...Yes and no.

Rusty: At the time I thought you had, as I carried you back to base.

Emily: I was...shot in the head. So I died. Fuck!

Robin: *Jogs up*

Emily: I guess that only means one thing. Respawn, bitch! Three is back!

Rusty: Uh...actually, we're on a different team now...the rest of Delta squad was reassigned or M.I.A.. Kevin and Amy made it too. As for the three of us? We're all that remains of Omega squad. Including you now

.Emily: Even...Steve?

Rusty: I'm sorry...

Emily: ..........No point in dwelling on it now. What planet are we on?

Rusty: I have no idea. We landed here because our ship was shot down.

Emily: And the plan for getting off is?

Rusty: To be honest we've been more focused on staying alive than anything else.

Emily: So basically you have no plan.

Robin: You think you're so smart, YOU come up with something.

Emily: ............... *She frowns, then perks up as the group hears the Phantom from earlier circling around the area* Get in cover!

Rusty: Right.

*The group hides behind the trees as the Phantom looms overhead*

Emily: ...............

Robin: .................

Rusty: Dammit...if only we could get our hands on that Phantom...

*The Phantom passes overhead*

Emily: *Watches it go* ...........Even still, I doubt Phantoms have slipspace drives...

Robin: *Sighs, shaking her head* It's like I said earlier. We're done.

Rusty: Do I have to hit you again? We're not giving up. That's an order, understand?

Robin: Sure thing, "sir."

Emily: Can it, you two. I need to think..........*She puts her fist to her forehead, thinking*

*The Huragok floats up, chittering curiously*

Emily: *Slowly looks at the Huragok* ........ *Her eyes begin to open, a bright look entering them as she slowly approaches it*

*The Huragok cocks its head to the side curiously, eyeing her*

Emily: *Turns away, back to you and Robin* Okay, here's the plan.

Robin: *Perks up* Say what, now? Plan?

Emily: That engineer wasn't attacked during that skirmish. They must be seen as neutral to the Covenant. Or maybe they didn't know it was with us. Either way, it should be able to call for help. And when it does, that Phantom should come back.

Robin: Aaaaand we just stand here and wait to be vaporized by its cannon?

Emily: And we use my active camo to stay HIDDEN. Stick close to the engineer and follow it up into the Phantom. We'll get a free ride straight to one of their ships up in orbit.

Robin: You have active camo?

Emily: Once we're in.....well.....we'll figure that out when it comes to it.

Rusty: And this time I'm not going to let you die, Emily.

Emily: I'm not going to let MYSELF die. I need a helmet though...eventually...*She walks over to the Huragok and points in the sky in the direction the Phantom went, then points to the ground in the clearing*

*The Huragok chitters excitedly, and a pulse eminates from its body*

Emily: *Nods* Okay. Take my hands. *She holds out her hands*

Robin: *Takes her right hand*

Rusty: *takes her left* You know you still owe me that third date. *smirks*

Emily: *Smirks, looking at you with her sapphire blue eyes* Gotta sneak back home before the parents find out about the second one first. *She activates her camo, and all three of you become invisible just as the Phantom circles around, floating above the clearing.*

*The pilot sees the Huragok and lowers the Phantom. A couple brutes float down, escorting the Huragok to the Phantom grav lift. The three Spartans follow closely behind, going up the grav lift with them. Emily immediately leads the two of you to a corner on the inside, so as not to be trampled and/or found out.*

Rusty: .......*remains silent*

*The brutes that remain in the Phantom mumble to each other, and eventually close all of the hatches, taking off into space for refueling. The mood is tense. You're literally sitting right in the middle of a death trap just waiting to happen. And it was about to get a lot worse.*

*Eventually, the hatches reopen, and the sound of humming and machines fill your sound receptors on your helmet. The Phantom has entered the docking area of one of the ships. The grav lift activates again, this time in reverse. Emily squeezes her hands, signaling that she was getting ready to move.*

Rusty: *follows*

*She carefully follows the brutes with the Huragok down the grav lift, staying behind them as they walk casually out of the docking area with it in tow, opening a door. Emily goes through the door with the two of you, then veers off into the engineer pathways inside of the walls of the ship, deactivating her active camo. The three of you can finally relax.*

Rusty: Man...the tension is so thick that you can cut it with a knife...

Robin: Tell me about it.

Emily: *Whispers, unable to talk loudly due to not having a helmet* We need a plan to get back to human civilization. Preferably alive.

Rusty: *nods*

Robin: Well? Any ideas?

Rusty: What if we stayed invisible and sneak up the bridge?

Robin: And then what? Make them bow down to our will?

Emily: *Whispers* Even if we got to the bridge, we wouldn't know how to fly this thing. And even if we DID know how, we wouldn't get far. There's an entire fleet out there. Plus, this ship is filled to the brim with Covenant as it is. If we get to the bridge, they'll all just converge on us and kill us there.

Rusty: Damn...what can we do then?

Robin: ...........What do you think this fleet is for?

Emily: I don't know. Why?

Robin: Think it could be for invading?

Emily: ..............

Rusty: A full-scale invasion...

Robin: ...............

Emily: *Still whispering* If we can find that engineer, and maybe a few others, we might be able to get to the bridge and do something. But I'm not sure what...

Rusty: Hmm, where do you think that they could've taken him?

Emily: *Takes yours and Robin's hand again, activating her active camo* Let's try to follow them. Be careful.

*She sneaks out and to the right, where the brutes were headed. There's a T-junction in the hallway. You look left, then right, and see the brutes to the right, turning left*

Rusty: *whispers* Looks like we go right.

Emily: *nods, and turns to the right, down the hallway, then turns left down the hallway the brutes just turned down. It goes up a bit and then turns to the right.*

*As the three of you get to the "turn," two Jackals are up ahead. There's another left turn, and one goes down it, but the other looks forward, at the three of you, narrowing its eyes suspiciously*

Rusty: *whispers* Oh shit...

Emily: *Remains silent, holding her breath*

Robin: *Tense*

*The Jackal carefully begins to approach, but stops as squawking is heard from around the corner. It turns its head and squawks back, then turns back, narrowing its eyes before turning away to rejoin its teammate. As it rounds the corner, everyone can breathe again*

Rusty: *whispers* For a moment I thought our cover was blown.

Emily: Let's keep moving. They must have turned left too. Be careful.

*The three of you carefully peek around the left corner. Seeing the brutes just turn right into a room down the long hallway, you wait for the Jackals to get far enough ahead and then begin to advance toward the room*

Rusty: *whispers* Advance with caution.

*You approach the door to the room*

Robin: Okay. So we walk in, grab the engineer and some of its friends, and then-

*Suddenly the door opens on its own, and the two brutes emerge, bumping into you and Emily. The active camo falters for a second, but it's all that was needed to blow your cover. The brutes step back, startled, but then growl, understanding that their ship had been infiltrated, and draw their spikers. The Jackals down the hallway turn as well, bringing out their shields and plasma pistols*

Robin: Well, sh-

*Emily lets go of the two of you, everyone appearing, and she gets out her assault rifle*

Rusty: *Pulls out shotgun so fast that the first brute doesn't have time to react. By the time he tries to react he is already on the ground dead*

Robin: *Attempts to fire on the Jackals with her Magnum, but keeps hitting the shields* Fucking...Jackals...UGH!

Emily: *Suddenly nudges Robin to the side, grabbing her right arm and disarming her, spinning and firing off three shots. Both Jackals die immediately.*

Robin: The f-

Emily: *Hands her the assault rifle you gave her earlier*

Robin: ....................You bitch.

Rusty: *finishes the brute by the time they turn around as I'm spinning my knife* I'm getting better at that.

Emily: *Smiles* Okay. Glad there's SOMEONE I can count on here.

Robin: Bitch, I oughta-

Emily: Chill. I'm just messing around. *Walks past you into the room, full of engineers* Okay. Find your friend.

Rusty: Right. *follows her* We'll know if he's in this room.

Robin: Oh really...

*One of the huragoks indeed approaches you, chittering happily. But then another, and another, all fascinated with your armor*

Emily: Uh.....

Rusty: Wellll shit.

Emily: Hey, this works too. Get them to follow us and we'll head to the bridge.

Rusty: Ok. *motions them to follow*

*They don't completely understand, but your friendly gestures convince them to follow you*

Rusty: Well how do we get to the bridge from here without being noticed?

Robin: Yeah, we don't exactly fit in here. And they'll notice all these things following us too.

Emily: I know. We'll take it slow. Watch our corners and protect the engineers. *She pats one of the huragoks on the side. It looks to her, and she pats the wall of the ship, then points up. The huragok chitters excitedly and floats off, leading the way* I HOPE it's taking us to the bridge.

Rusty: Right. Follow the supercomputers!

*As the group runs down the corridors after the huragok, a group of three grunts sees them and jumps, running the other way while screaming in terror. Emily quickly brings up her pistol, shooting the middle one twice in the back. His methane tank comes loose, and he begins flying around uncontrollably as the methane leaks loose violently, knocking over the other two before spinning into the air and exploding, killing his comrades.*

Rusty: Nice.

*Suddenly, from around the corner, a jackal slams into you with its shield, growling and snapping at your face as another fires a charged energy shot at Robin, taking her shields down*

Robin: Gah! You asshole! *She opens fire on the Jackal*

Rusty: C'mere, you little fucker!! *grabs the jackal by its throat and rips his head from his shoulders, purple blood spurting from its body* MAN, that felt good...

*The other Jackal is turned into swiss cheese by the assault rifle, and the group moves on, Emily far ahead, keeping the huragok in sight*

Rusty: Let's move out.

*The Huragok comes out on the third floor of the docking area, going around the boxes to the door on the far left, past four brutes and a chieftain, who see Emily and roar, bringing out their weapons*

Emily: Eat shit and DIE! *Keeps running, right up to a brute blocking her path, and leaps up into the air, coming down with a hard punch to its exposed throat with the barrel tip of her Magnum, then fires twice as the brute hits the ground dead. She leaps off of it and runs past the other brutes, holding the Magnum over the back of her head as they shoot at her.*

*As this is happening, most of the brutes have their backs to you and Robin. Robin opens fire on the closest brute, killing him before he has time to fully turn around as you run up to the third brute, shotgun at the ready. You leap up, shooting him in the back of the head, and land in front of him as he falls down dead behind you. Robin, meanwhile, has dashed forward, putting the assault rifle away and drawing her combat knife. She leaps on the side of the last brute, digging the knife into his jugular, then slices outward. The brute stumbles, and she flips around his back to the other side, stabbing him in the other jugular vein, then leaps off as he falls down dead.*

Rusty: much for stealth.

*Suddenly, there's a shockwave of energy blasted at your chest, and you go flying backwards into one of the columns. The brute chieftain wields his gravity hammer, beating his chest with fury*

Robin: Rusty!

Rusty: Ok...that one hurt a little...*struggles up*

*The chieftain walks up to you, lifting the hammer high over his head*

Rusty: *rolls out of the way*

*The hammer slams on the ground, sending out a shockwave that sends you sliding away. You look to the other side of the chieftain, ten feet away, to see your shotgun on the ground. You dropped it when you were attacked. Robin runs in, firing the assault rifle to get his attention. It works, and he turns, swinging the hammer at her. She ducks and resumes firing. Suddenly, the chieftain charges her, slamming her into the wall.*

Robin: Augh!

*Before the chieftain can do more, you've already grabbed your shotgun, shooting him in the back. You get two shots in, bringing his shields down, before he has a chance to turn to look at you...just as a shot from the left side of the room sends his helmet flying. Another shot kills him. Emily stands at the door, lowering the Magnum to her side. She came back.*

Rusty: *helps Robin up* Thanks Emily. And you too, Robin.

Robin: *Groans, standing* Fuck this job.

Rusty: *walks over and grabs the grav. hammer* I could use something like this. It might even the playing field!

Robin: *Picks up her assault rifle* You sure you can even HANDLE something like that?

Rusty: Who knows? But we need an advantage, and I say that we just got a huge one!

*You and Robin rejoin Emily, and she guides you to where the Huragok led her earlier: the bridge*

Emily: Okay. So this is it.

*The other Huragok enter the room. It's already been cleared by Emily*

Rusty: *grips his grav. hammer tightly* Let's do this then.

Robin: Do what? How do we tell them what we need them to do?

Emily: Got me.

Rusty: Hmm...well, we usually just point at what we want them to do and they understand.

Emily: But we need them to take us somewhere we can't really point to.

Rusty: Hmm...if only we could actually speak their language...

Emily: ............Do either of you know sign language?

Rusty: I do.

Robin: What? You think they'd know sign language?

Emily: One of these was with us at one point. I bet you anything that whenever it got the chance, it was looking things up on us. If we can find that huragok, Rusty might be able to talk to it with sign language!

Robin: Might.

Emily: Might, yes.

Rusty: Worth a shot.

Robin: Okay. So which one is it then? Good luck with that.

Rusty: I think I know...look for a bullet mark.

Robin: A...bullet mark?

Rusty: Look for the mark of a 12.7X40mm round.

Emily: *Looks around at the bodies of each of the Huragoks as they eye her curiously, cooing and chittering*

Robin: *Does the same*

Rusty: *looks as well*

Robin: ............I think I found it.

Rusty: Really?

*You walk up and examine it. Sure enough, it has a mark from Elly's gun. You go to do sign language with it*

Emily: First thing to do would be to see if it understands.

Rusty: "Do you understand me?"

Huragok: *Looks at your hands curiously*

Emily: ............

Robin: Guess not.

Emily: Do it again. Maybe it didn't see.

Rusty: "Can you understand what I'm saying?"

Huragok: *Brings up a tentacle to your face. It splits open, showing its tendrils*

Emily: O...kay?

Robin: Great. It's going to probe you.

Huragok: *The tendrils begin to move, and you watch in amazement as you recognize the movements. Sign language.* "Yes I can."

Rusty: He understands.

Emily: Oh my god.

Rusty: "Can you pilot this ship?"

Huragok: "With help."

Emily: Well?

Rusty: He can pilot the ship, but he needs help.

Robin: *Looks around at the other Huragok* Are they enough?

Rusty: "Are the others enough to help?"

Huragok: *Looks around, then turns to you again* "Yes."

Rusty: Yes.

Rusty: "Could you ask them to?"

Robin: My god...we may actually do it. We may actually get out of here!

Huragok: *Floats around, chittering to the others around the room*

Emily: Okay, so we're definitely going somewhere. We need people to man the turrets in case we're engaged by the fleet. We may only have one shot at this.

Rusty: I'll man the turret.

Emily: Me too. You get the left side.

Huragok: *Returns to you* "They are eager to leave."

Rusty: "I can understand that. The Covenant aren't exactly friendly" .... *Flashes back to Amber's face on the ship, something that he will never forget*

Emily: Well? Are they game?

Rusty: Hell yeah.

Emily: Great. *relieved* Okay, so now the hard part comes. We need them to get us to human-controlled space. I'm not sure they know where that is though.

Rusty: "Do you know where human-controlled space is?"

Huragok: *Seems to hesitate at first* "There is not much left."

Rusty: ...He says there isn't much left...

Emily: ................

Robin: ..............Fucking bastards.....

Rusty: "Can you take us to what's left of the human-controlled space?"

Huragok: "We can try."

Rusty: He said that they can try. "Thank you, my friend."

Huragok: "You may call me Mai'glih'chlief'vilief'mignar."

Robin: What'd he say?

Rusty: His name......."I'll just call you 'Mignar' for short."

Emily: What is it?

Rusty: Mignar.

Emily: *Nods* Nice to meet you, Mignar.

Mignar: *Chitters in return*

Emily: Okay, people, to your stations!

Rusty: Right!! *mans the left turret*

*The Huragok move up to the upper level of the bridge to their assigned consoles, and the ship begins to lurch*

Robin: This is it...

*A message comes in fairly quickly from the flagship, asking what was going on*

Mignar: "They are suspicious."

Rusty: Let's send them a nasty computer virus to fuck up their systems. *pulls out a usb drive* Thank you, Ryan...this device contains a nice little virus that will cripple their systems and then some.

Emily: Now THAT'S thinking like a Spartan.

*Mignar sends the "message," and all of the ships in the fleet, save for the one it was sent from, begin to lurch, the lights flickering*

Emily: That may not last forever! This is our one and only chance!

Mignar: "Beginning slipspace jump."

*The ship quickly enters slipspace, far more quickly than any human vessel could ever manage. Before they know it, they're already out of slipspace, in human-controlled space*

Robin: *Heart jumps* Did...we do it? Did it work?! *Stands, excited*

Rusty: Let's hail someone.

Emily: No planets for as far as I can see.

Robin: Probably a good thing. Don't want these bastards finding us.

Rusty: True...maybe there's a ship somewhere that we can contact.

*Suddenly, the doors are smashed open by a hunter, another one right behind it. Robin is standing right in the way, and turns too late to see it. The fuel rod cannon is already charged up*


*The fuel rod discharges, sending an explosive plasma blast at Robin, sending her flying into a column, sliding to the ground, limp.*

Emily: Rusty!

Rusty: *Anger starts to build up as he stands* I'm getting sick and tired of these bastards killing my friends!!!!

*The Huragok all quickly float to the far corner of the room, cowering in fear as the Hunters enter the room, followed by five grunts and a brute chieftain*

Emily: Well they just LOVE us, don't they? *Steps back*

Rusty: *pulls outs grav. hammer* Time to stop playing around!! * runs up and slams the grav hammer, sending a huge shockwave towards the aliens*

*They all stumble backwards, two of the grunts flying into the wall, killed*

*You swing the grav hammer at the first hunter, but it blocks with its shield, charging its fuel rod as the other one moves around to get a better shot*

Rusty: I don't think so!!

*You step back and then leap over the Hunter, doing a front flip and landing behind it, spinning the grav hammer into the exposed orange goo of a torso. As it falls, the other Hunter stands in front of you, watching its comrade fall with rage. Suddenly, it lurches, then falls forward. Emily had shot it in the back with her Magnum. All that remained was the chieftain. He roars and charges towards you, and you lock hammers. He gets up in your face, snarling*

Rusty: Yeah, that's right! I'm no pushover, you hairy space monkey!!!

*The chieftan pushes you back and roars like a mad beast, charging you again. You slide to the right, allowing him to run past you, and spin the grav hammer into his back, sending him flying forwards onto the floor. He rolls, getting on one knee, and looks at you with bloodlust in his eyes*

Rusty: Bring it on, you big, fat, hairy son of a bitch.

*He runs at you again, and you slide to the left, allowing him to run past you again, but this time he blocks as you go to swing at his back again, and then spins his hammer the other way, sending you rolling into a nearby column. As you turn to face him, he slams his hammer into your robotic right arm, crushing it and pinning you, standing over you*

Emily: NO!

*You pull with all of your strength as the chieftain pulls a spike grenade off of his belt. You feel a ton of pain in your arm, but continue to pull, hearing the metal bend and wires snap've broken free! The chieftain goes to stick you, but you aren't there anymore. You slipped underneath his hammer and grabbed yours with your remaining arm, then leapt onto the hammer and up into the air. He looks up in time to see you bring the hammer down on his head, completely crushing the metal helmet, blood spurting out of it. You land on the ground behind him as he falls.*

*Suddenly, an explosion sends a spike through your back, disabling your shields and piercing your armor, going into your skin. The spike grenade! You fall to one knee, trying to keep yourself up with your hammer*

Emily: Rusty! *Runs to your side* Hey, come on! Stay with me!

*You feel ridiculously battered and beaten. Your entire body is throbbing.*

Rusty: *breathing heavily* Don't worry.....I'm not going to give up that easily. Just pull the damn thing out and seal it with biofoam...

Emily: *Can't help but smile, though it is pained and worried* If you abandon me in the middle of our date, I'll never forgive you. *Pulls out the spike, spraying biofoam into the wound* ...........Seriously. Please don't die. Please don't leave me here.

*The Huragok float up, Mignar in front*

Rusty: Don't worry, Emily. I'm not going to leave you ever again. *looks up at Mignar* Sorry. I can't use hand signals. It seems that I've lost my arm.

Mignar: "We must leave. We would like to destroy this ship. Will you come with us?"

Rusty: *nods* C'mon Emily. We're abandoning ship.

Emily: What? Why?

Rusty: They're going to destroy it.

Emily: Destroy And what will we do next? How will we escape?

Rusty: How about a Phantom?

Emily: ..........Pfft. This just gets more and more interesting. Are you taking me to your place next? *Stands* Okay. I'm game.

Rusty: Maybe someday!

Mignar: "We have set the ship to overload and explode in three minutes. I suggest we leave now. We are taking a drop ship. We will take you with us."

Emily: *Looks at Mignar, then to you* Well?

Rusty: Three minutes to abandon ship. They're going to take us with them.

Emily: *Nods* Let's go then. Those Covenant outside that door aren't going to be friendly, you know. You sure you can stand?

Mignar: *Floats to your side, allowing you to latch on for a ride*

Rusty: Let's do this. *cocks shotgun in his one hand, tossing it up into the air, letting it fall, then grabbing it and yanking up and down*

Emily: *Grabs on to one that floats down to her*

*The Huragok charge out the door as plasma flies all around, floating down to a nearby Phantom. Emily fires at the Covenant on the platforms as the free Huragok activate the Phantom, opening the doors*

Rusty: Holy shit!

Emily: *Her Huragok flies in first, and she lets go, rolling to its floor* Egh!

*Mignar flies in third.*

Rusty: Looks like we get to go to my place after all, Emily. *smirks*

Emily: I'll be sure to bring drinks. *Runs to the cockpit with Mignar and a few other Huragok as the last of them get in, closing the doors, the Covenant still firing on them* Are we ready to go or not?!

*The Phantom bursts to life, floating up and blasting out of the docking area of the lone Covenant cruiser. It races away at full speed as the lights on the cruiser get brighter and brighter, so bright that the cruiser begins to melt, until, finally, its reactor overloads, and it explodes in half in a massive, pinkish-purple fireball*

Emily: *Her heartbeat gradually goes back to normal, and she breathes out a long breath. Finally, she slides to the floor, leaning the back of her head on the wall, staring at the ceiling, exhausted*

Rusty: *sits next to her* Let's not do something like that again.

Emily: Yeah. *Swallows* Yeah. Let's not.

Mignar: "Thank you, friends."

Rusty: *nods*

Emily: what do we do? We can't contact our people with Covenant technology.

Mignar: *Floats up, pulling out a familiar object*

Emily: ............*Looks at the object*

*It is the distress beacon from back on HQ*

Mignar: "I kept this. I hope you don't mind."

Rusty: Nice.

*A few hours of flying later with the distress beacon active, a large human vessell (similar to that of the LOF) flies in, lights flashing. It's the greatest sight you've seen in what seems like forever*

Rusty: Wow...

Emily: What?

Rusty: Finally...humankind!

Rusty: This is Spartan 654, hailing UNSC vessel. Do you copy?

Com: Spartan 654, this is the UNSC Brinehammer. We read you loud and clear.

Rusty: Permission to board?

Com: What've you got for us in there exactly? We need to be ready with security?

Rusty: No need for security. I have another Spartan with me. Spartan 614. And 9 Huragok who helped us escape.

Com: Hura-...what now?

Emily: Engineers. Huragok are their real names.

Com: Right...I'm not sure we can trust them. But if you say you've got it under control...

Emily: We do.

Com: Then you have permission to board, docking bay B3. We'll light it up for you.

*On the right side of the ship, a door opens up, white lights flashing on the outside to locate it. Emily points to it on the screens to allow the pilot Huragok to know where to go*

*The Phantom carefully maneuvers into the docking bay, lowering until metal touches metal, and the bay door closes behind it. A squad of soldiers meet you and Emily on the deck with a salute, at attention*


*Everyone stands at attention*

Rusty: At ease.

*Everyone relaxes*

Soldier: *Walks up to you* Sir? You don't look too good...

Rusty: I've been better.

Soldier: We'll get you to the medical wing ASAP. Boys, bring us a med kit over here!

Rusty: *gives one of the soldiers his grav hammer* Here. Hold this for me.

Soldier: *Takes it, and as soon as you let go, it slams right to the floor, then drags the soldier to the floor* Waaaugh!

Emily: *Can't help but smirk*

Rusty: It can't be THAT heavy, can it?

Emily: It's only about three-hundred pounds. Not THAT heavy.

Soldier: For a Spartan, maybe! Geez!

*A while later, you're finally resting in a med-bay*

*You're out of your armor and in your regular military fatigues. A machine has almost completed work on your new arm. At your request, it has been outfitted with removable armor, making it look like a normal arm when wearing your armor.*

Rusty: Man...that was a brutal battle. I finally have time to relax...

Emily: *Walks in* You NEVER have time to relax when I'M around.

Rusty: Hey.

Emily: So you've got a new arm? I've got a new helmet! Fuck yes! *Gives a charming, toothy smile, her sapphire eyes lighting up with excitement. She blinks flirtily* Sorry you won't be able to see my pretty face on the field anymore. Girl's gotta play hard to get.

Rusty: Aww! Why do you have to be that way? *sticks his tongue out*

Emily: *Grins, then walks around the room, picking things up and looking at them* Your alien friends sure are becoming popular around here. Fixing things this way and that.

Rusty: I hope they're being treated nicely...

Emily: Now you know how to talk to them. *Leans her butt on a nearby table* least one of them. *Arms crossed, she smiles, her shiny brown hair shifting softly, moving like silk*

Rusty: *blushes for a second but turns away before she can see it* Uh...yeah. Tell me about it. But I think he can relay your words to the others if you ask him nicely.

Emily: I bet someday they'll all be able to speak sign language. And basically I STILL won't be able to talk to them.

Rusty: I, uh......I can teach you sometime if you want me to.

Emily: *Looks intrigued* Oh. *Thinks about it* Mmm...yeah. That sounds cool. We never really have anything to do during down-time. Steve always told me I needed to get away from the sniper rifles and do something recreational. *Looks down at her feet, seeming disappointed in herself* ...............

Rusty: .....He was the best of us...

Emily: ...........How did he die?

Rusty: .....I...*tears begin to well up*...he died protecting Kevin and Amy...he was killed by an elite.....but I.....I got revenge on the one who killed him.....*tears are now rolling down his face*.....

Emily: *Looks disturbed*'t need to cry! C-come're a Sp-.......*She stops herself, pursing her lips. The both of you look each other in the eye.* ...............No. *Her voice is shakey* I'm're.......human. We're all human. *Looks away, shaking her head* And we need to remember that. Always.

Rusty: We're only human, but that's also one of the many strengths of a Spartan.

Emily: *Looks back at you, strength re-entering her eyes* That's really something to be said for us.

Rusty:'re also an amazing Spartan and human being. Emily, you took a shot to the head and survived. Not many can do that...Steve would be glad...and I'm glad as well...when I thought you were gone...I...

Emily: *Looks at you, arms still crossed, and pushes her butt off of the table, walking past you, being sure to pat you on the shoulder as she does so* Get some rest, buddy. You'll need it. *Before she leaves the room, she looks back at you* I'm glad to be back too. And to see you again. You're probably the only person left I can call a close friend. *With that, she leaves, and the door shuts*

Rusty: Emily...

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PostSubject: Re: Halo Roleplay   Halo Roleplay EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 3:35 am

*Your robotic arm fully-rebuilt and ready, you're finally out of the med-bay of the Brinehammer and walking around. The Brinehammer has just come out of slipspace near a desert-like planet. You walk onto the bridge of the ship, the hustle and bustle of people working and sounds of computers filling the air. The captain, a man in his mid-forties with short, brown hair with grey lines on the sides, stands at attention at the front viewscreen.*

Rusty: ......Thanks for saving our asses.

Captain: I'd like to think I saved more than that. *Turns with a grin* Welcome to the Brinehammer, Spartan.

Rusty: Thank you. I hear that the Engineers are helping out quite a bit.

Captain: Indeed they are. Repairing our damaged equipment, giving info on the Covenant...couldn't have asked for more from a bunch of ex-Covey's.

Rusty: They never really wanted to serve those bastards to begin with. From what one of them said, they were forced into helping them.

Captain: So it would seem. *Turns around* So what's your story, Spartan? Finding you out in the middle of nowhere on a Phantom is pretty strange. You've yet to tell us what's happened to you...and your team. And why you're all the way out here.

Rusty: I don't know where to begin. I'll just start from the begining. After the planet we were originaly on got glassed, we were aboard a UNSC space station. We recieved an SOS from the Halberd, which was the last ship that set off of the planet. I saw it leave personally...a young girl was carrying important info for Dr. Halsey. Anyway, we ended up disobeying orders in order to attempt a rescue mission, but we were too late...everyonen was dead except for a survivor in a cryo pod. But the info *holds it up* was still safe. After we got back to the ship that we were in, its Captain did not want to take us to Reach so we could give Halsey that info. So we ended up taking a shuttle, and crash-landed on an unknown planet thanks to a Covenent ambush. And that's when we hijacked a Phantom to get into one of their ships. And to leave, we did the same thing before blowing it up, courtesy of the Engineers. That's when you found us, thankfully.

Captain: ...............I see. So you disobeyed orders. And your team? *Turns to you* They're all gone?

Rusty: ....A Spartan never dies...they're just missing in action.

Captain: Hm. Well I WOULD court-marshall you on behalf of those on that station, but I'll be god-damned if I'm gonna put a Spartan in the brig in a time of war. You're headed to Reach, then?

Rusty: Sir...if you are willing to take us there.

Captain: Well unfortunately I can't. Reach has been taken Spartan. It's been glassed. I'm sorry.

Rusty: Wha--when?! What about Dr. Halsey!!?

Captain: Just three hours ago we got word officially. As for Halsey, she's alright. Managed to escape, thanks to a brave Spartan fighting for her life. Her whereabouts are currently unknown to me.

Rusty: It's imparative that we get this info to her...somehow...

Captain: I understand. You risked life and limb to get it, so it must be important. It's possible she's on one of ONI's stations near the Reach sector. But right now I have more pressing matters to deal with. And honestly, I could use all the help I can get.

Rusty: What's up?

Captain: What's up is that the planet we're nearing is being hit as we speak. It's a planet that focused on special weapons and development. Creating the edge we need against the Covenant. We've been tasked with retrieving what we can and destroying what we can't. A team of Spartans have already been assigned to my ship, but they lost two members already trying to get here.

Captain: And then we find two Spartans out in the middle of nowhere without a team. *Turns* Fancy that.

Captain: I know you'll do well with them. They're one of the best teams out there.

Rusty: Isn't ironic? That a planet that creates special weapons to destroy the Covenant is being attacked by them...and can't fight back...

Captain: Heh. Well you know how the upper brass is. No one is supposed to use them until they've been released officially. They just don't seem to get it. Either way, we need to do something about the attack. Go on down to the armory to meet your new team. I'll call your companion down as well. *Goes to an intercom* Spartan 614 to the armory for reassignment and deployment. *Turns to you* Countin' on you, Spartans.

Rusty: Sir.

*As personnel and soldiers run through the halls of the ship, readying for battle, you make your way to the armory. As you enter, you see four Spartans, readying for battle, checking their equipment. One turns, looking at you. They have their helmet on, a Recon-type. Their armor is black with blood-red highlights. They walk over to you*

Spartan: *Female voice* Heard on the intercom. You're one of the two new team members for my group. I'm the commanding officer. Call me Mary.

Rusty: Rusty. Or otherwise known as Spartan 654.

*Emily walks in, her helmet underneath her left arm, all armored up*

Emily: A new team already?

Mary: And you're the second. Call me Mary.

Emily: Emily.

Mary: Welcome to Blood Team. *Turns to look at her team, and points to a girl Spartan with armor that matches hers in terms of color. Her armor, however, is decked out with reactive, anti-explosives pieces and attachments for holding tons of grenades. He has short, dark brown hair.* That's Jennifer. Jen. She's my number two. Demo expert.

Jen: *Looks at you out of the corner of her eye* ........ *Turns back to what she's doing, putting a rocket launcher together*

Rusty: *walks by Jen and grabs a shotgun and sniper rifle*

Mary: *Walks with you as Emily walks behind her, grabbing a DMR and a Magnum. Mary points to a bald Spartan with green armor. He has a stern look on his face, sharpening his knife* Benjamin. Ben. Our mechanic and a decent all-rounder.

Ben: *Looks up and nods at you and Emily in approval, then goes back to sharpening his knife*

Rusty: Nice to meet you. *starts putting armor pieces on his robotic arm*

Mary: *Points to a rather young-looking Spartan in grey armor. She has shoulder-length dandelion-yellow blonde hair and almost reddish-brown eyes. She looks fairly green* New Spartan. A miracle she made it this far. Elizabeth. Lizzie's what we call her. She'll get used to it. Need to keep an eye on her. We'll get her straight.

Lizzie: .........*Nods with a small, nervous smile, cleaning a Magnum*

Mary: Hurry up with that, Liz. We don't have all day.

Lizzie: Ma'am! *She cleans faster*

Mary: *Turns to point behind you* And our most recent so far, if you aren't counting Liz. Name's Amy. Great in close quarters. Decent all-rounder as well.

*You turn at the mention of the name, and see the familiar red armor and shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes of your old friend. She sits on a bench, not paying attention, loading rounds into some DMR magazines, her CQB helmet sitting at her side*

Rusty:'s good to see you again. *smiles*

Amy: *Looks up* Oh. Oh wow. Rusty.

Emily: Amy? My god, it's you!

Amy: Emily?! Didn't you die?

Emily: Apparently.

Mary: Okay people, the op starts in fifteen. cut the chatter and set up.Rusty: We'll explain everything later...for now let's focus on the mission. *slings weapons over his shoulder*

*Fifteen minutes later, the six of you climb aboard the Pelican in the docking bay, all set for the mission*

Mary: Okay, we're landing in a hot zone. Pick your targets as you hit the ground and pour it on. None left standing by the time we enter the building. Afterwards we split up into groups of three and clear it out. Meet up in the development lab. You'll know it when you see it. We take what we can and destroy the rest. Wipe data on the servers. You know the drill.

Rusty: Right. *pulls out sniper rifle* I'm declaring it open season on all Covenant.

Emily: *Smirks* Like you can use that rifle.

Rusty: Hey! I'm good at using this! Don't underestimate me!

Amy: *Smiles, glad to hear the familiar banter of her friends*

Mary: Cut the chatter.

Jen: Don't fall behind, rookies.

Emily: Excuse me?

Rusty: Hey, we're not rookies! Especially the three of us. We've seen plenty of action. The last team that I was with before I joined these two, I was the last surviving member...

Jen: You're from the six-hundred group. No matter what, you're small-fry compared to us.

Mary: *Angry* Can it, Jen! We're not belittling our members like this!

Jen: Ma'am...

Mary: *Looks at you three* Don't take that to heart. Sometimes even the newest of members can have years more experience than the most seasoned veteran. And even if they don't, this isn't a contest. Work together. Or DIE together. Those are your only choices. Understood?

Emily: Yes, ma'am...

Amy: Yes.

Rusty: Ma'am.

Jen: Just don't disappoint us. You're on Bloody Mary's team now. We're the best of the best among the Spartan-III's.

Rusty: Nice nickname. Maybe I'll have my own nickname someday...

Mary: When you finally get your nickname, I guarantee you won't be so eager to have it.

Jen: ...............

Pilot: Reaching the LZ in thirty!

Mary: Alright, Bloods. Lock and load.

Jen: Let's show 'em why we're called BLOOD team.

Rusty: Right, let's roll out!

*The door of the Pelican opens, and the flashes of plasma weapons fill the area as the dropship nears the ground*

Mary: Go go go! *Runs out with her DMR at the ready*

Jen: *Runs behind her*

Ben: *Leaps out and rolls onto the ground, pulling out a DMR and firing twice, taking down to Jackals with head shots*

Lizzie: *Carefully hops out, taking out her assault rifle and moving to cover, giving suppressing fire to the group*

Amy: *Runs out, leaping out and rolling onto the ground, running around the area in a wide circle, hiding between columns as she pops out here and there, killing Grunts and Jackals here and there*

Emily: *Pulls out her DMR as she nears the end of the Pelican deck, her helmet on, firing five times. Five enemies fall. She leaps out, landing on the ground in a crouch, getting up and sprinting to cover beside Lizzie*

Rusty: *rolls out, shooting two elites through the head with one shot*


Mary: Keep on the pressure!

*Plasma shots streak your way as you move behind cover, crouching beside Ben as he pops off another few shots*

Rusty: *aims sniper rifle at an elite's head and shoots it in the eye*

*A few plasma bolts hit your armor, bringing your shields down to half, the warning alarm bleeping, and you go back into cover as Amy runs out into the now-thinned-out enemy ranks, firing off three shots with her DMR to kill three Grunts, and then spinning into an elbow thrust into a Jackal's shield, dissipating it. She kicks it in the face and shoots another to her right in the hand, causing it to reel back in pain, revealing its head, which she then shoots off.*

Mary: Move up!

Ben: *Leaps over the cover and runs up, firing off shots here and there*

Jen: *Follows Mary as she moves up*

Lizzie: *Looks at Emily and nods, and the two of them move up together*

Rusty: *follows them as he covers the rear*

Mary: Clear?

Amy: Clear.

Emily: Clear.

Lizzie: Looks like it...

Mary: Alright, split up. Jen, Ben, Liz, on me. Rusty and Emily will go with Amy. We'll clear the building and meet up in the development lab. Don't move in until we've met up.

Amy: Understood.

Mary: Alright, let's move it. We'll move in on the right. You take the left.

*Mary's team moves to the right of the courtyard, entering the U-shaped building from the right side. Amy moves over to the left*

Emily: *Looks at you* Don't fall behind, rookie. *Runs after Amy*

Rusty: *follows after them* Don't call me a rookie!

Emily: *chuckles*

Amy: *Gets up next to the door, peeking inside* Okay. Looks clear. Let's move in. We should use our code numbers. I'm four. Emily, you'll be six. Rusty, you're seven.

Rusty: Right.

Amy: Alright, six, take point. Seven, watch our six.

Emily: *Chuckles* You should really DISCOURAGE him from checking me out.

Amy: *Groans* Cut the chatter. Stay focused.

*Emily runs in, getting up against the wall. The hallway arcs to the right. Amy peeks around the corner and carefully moves in*

Rusty: *switches to shotgun and checks the rear* Clear.

Emily: Moving up. *She creeps up, crouching, going up to the first room. The building is darkly-lit.*

Amy: Careful.

Rusty: Where's the development lab located?

Amy: Further in. The left and right wings connect in the middle. It's a large room.

Emily: Contact. Three. Two Grunts and a Jackal.

Amy: Take them out.

Emily: Jackal goes first. *Aims at the Jackal with her Magnum and fires, taking it down. The Grunts jump, but before they can react further she shoots both of them in the head.* Clear.

Amy: Move in.

Emily: *Sneaks in, aiming her pistol left, then right. She leans her hand on a table as she sneaks by, heading for the door*

Rusty: *follows Amy*

*Amy creeps through as well as Emily leans out the next door.*

Emily: Three Elites. Checking our computers out.

Amy: We can't allow that.

Emily: Yeah. But I can't take them all out at once. They always have energy shields.

Amy: We'll do it together. Let's get in closer and line up our shots. Six, let seven borrow your DMR for this.

Emily: *Gives you her DMR*

Rusty: *aims DMR* I have my target in sight.

Amy: *Aiming her DMR* Same.

Emily: *Aiming her Magnum* Three.

Amy: Two.

Rusty: One.

*All three of you unload on the three Elite's heads, and they turn at the feel of the shots. However, they react too slowly and are killed*

Emily: Clear.

Amy: Alright. Check the bodies.

Rusty: Right.

Emily: *Checks one of the corpses and picks up a datapad, looking through it* They were downloading our data onto this.

Amy: *Walks over and looks at the datapad over Emily's shoulder* ..........

Rusty: How much did they get?

Emily: Nothing now. *Sticks a USB drive into it, and everything is wiped*

Amy: Check the others and do the same. *Walks over the Elites to check the computers while Emily takes another datapad*

Rusty: Fucking aliens...

Amy: Wiping the data on the servers in this room. *Types quickly on the keyboard*

Rusty: Better to get rid of it than to have those damn aliens get ahold of all of it...

Amy: Yeah. The scientists that were rescued earlier will have backed it up anyway.

Rusty: That's good...we should grab what we can and blow the rest of it to hell.

Amy: All done here.

Emily: Same here.

Amy: Let's move up. One more room until the development lab.

Rusty: Right.

Emily: Moving. *Moves out to the next door*

Amy: ......... *Moves up with her*

Rusty: Moving up.

*As you move up behind Amy, Emily moves in sneakily. The room seems to be a break room.*

Emily: It's clear.

Amy: Alright. This is it then.

Emily: *Stands, no longer sneaking*

Amy: *On the com* Blood one, we've cleared the left wing. Moving up to the entrance of the development lab.

Mary: Copy. We've just finished the right wing up. Excellent work. Wait at the door of the lab. When we're ready, we'll set our status to green for ready on your HUD.

Amy: Got it.

Emily: *Walks over to a snack machine* Reese’s cups. Takes me back.

Rusty: Same here...I didn't know that they still made these...

Amy: *Looks over* Not many people know about them.

Emily: I'm an Earth girl. It's where they're made.

Rusty: I used to get these on Halloween. Hell, I have a whole stash on me! I managed to grab them before we left the Leap Of Faith.

Emily: *Looks at you. Though you can't see her face through her helmet, the way she turns her head shows that she's looking at you with a raised eyebrow, like "really?"*

Rusty: What?

Amy: Come on, you two. Let's get moving.

*The three of you move down the hall outside of the break room to the entrance of the development lab*

Amy: .............

*The blips on your HUD that show the other team members are still yellow. Eventually, Mary's turns green. Then Jen's, Ben's, and Lizzie's. Amy sets hers to green as well.*

Emily: *Sets hers to green*

Rusty: *sets his to green as well*

Amy: Move in!

*Everyone moves in all at once, looking to the left and the right, scanning the room with haste.*

Jen: Clear!

Ben: Clear.

Mary: Alright. Looks like they haven't gotten this far yet.

*The room is massive, with tons of computers and tables with tons of different equipment on them. Some things look unfinished, but a lot of things were obviously being tested. Some may even be finished.*

Rusty: *whistles* Wow. That's a lot of awesome tech!

Mary: Alright. Wipe the computers. Come to me with anything important you find.

Ben: *Gets to work on one of the computers*

Jen: *Walks over to a table, looking over what's on it* .............

Emily: *Puts her weapons away and walks to a computer, wiping the memory on it*

Mary: *Walking around aimlessly. She spins a gadget on a table as she walks by, looks at an unfinished suit of armor hung up on her right, and then looks down at a datapad on the ground, crouching to pick it up*

Rusty: *walking around and looking at all of the tech* All this tech...and they couldn't stop the Covenant...

Lizzie: Why doesn't command just let us use what's necessary?

Mary: *Looks at the datapad* Not all of this stuff is safe. It's better to make sure all the bugs and problems have been taken care of before issuing on the field.

Lizzie: I guess...but couldn't they have used it in the attack?

Mary: Don't question command, Liz. They know what they're doing.

Rusty: Maybe...maybe not. They're not the ones on the battlefield, putting their lives on the line like we are.

Mary: Drop it. Their jobs are just as difficult as ours. Don't judge someone until you've walked in their shoes.

Lizzie: Yes, ma'am...

Rusty: ...Ma'am.

*You walk over to a table with some gadgets on it. They're all unfinished. Except one. It looks like a gadget that hooks around the right arm, with an activation pad on one side, and on the can't really tell. It looks like an emitter of sorts. You pick it up, looking at it curiously*

Emily: Done here. *Walks away from the computer*

Amy: *Walks over to you* What's that?

Rusty: I don't know...

*You carefully put it on your right arm. It hooks around perfectly and latches on sturdily. The emitter is on the outside, on the right side of your arm. The activation pad is on the left side of your arm*

Amy: It looks like a projector or something.

Emily: *Has come over as well* It definitely looks like it was made for us. It fits on the Spartan-III armor perfectly.

Rusty: Let's see what it does.

Amy: Hang on. You're not going to activate it, are you?

Rusty: Stay back, just in case.

Amy: Wait a second! What if it something bad happens?!

Rusty: That's why I have it on my right arm. And why I'm telling to you to stand back.

*The two girls step back several feet*

*You put your left hand pointer and middle finger on the activation pad, and power is transferred from your shields into the device, bringing them down to zero, but activating a large, glowing physical energy shield in front of you*

Rusty: Whoa!! It's a real shield!!

Emily: Wow...

Amy: Anything wrong? Nothing out of place or malfunctioning?

Rusty: The only thing is that it takes power from my armor shields, thus bring them down to zero. But I bet it compensates strength!

Amy: Show it to the commander.

Mary: *Tosses the datapad to the side and picks up a pistol from a desk*

Rusty: Hey Commander. *walks up to her with the shield still deployed* Check this out.

Mary: Interesting. A solid-base energy shield. Any drawbacks?

Rusty: It draws power from my armor's shields, but other than that, no.

Mary: You shouldn't have activated it without knowing what it does. What if your shields don't recharge when you deactivate it? Try it now.

Rusty: Right. *deactivates the shield*

*The alarms in your suit still go off, but then your shield charges normally*

Mary: Status?

Rusty: Shields back up to 100%.

Mary: Alright. *Looks at the device on your arm* Keep that with you.

Rusty: Awesome. *smirks* This could come in handy.

Mary: Alright, make sure to sweep the room, people. Let's make sure nothing falls into enemy hands.

*Suddenly, there are plasma shots from the door at the very end of the room. A team of Elites had surrounded the building and were coming in through the back, cutting the door open*

Rusty: Shit!!!

Rusty: I think now's a good time to test this shield out!

Mary: Seven, don't be so eager to test out a prototype like that! Everyone, open fire on that door!

*The rest of the team fires on the doorway. One Elite is killed, but the rest manage to cut the door open, kicking it in. Plasma rain down in the room from the doorway*


Rusty: *ducks in cover*

*The sizzling of the grenades gets louder as the bright light they emit gets brighter, eventually exploding in a flash of brilliant blue light*

*The Elites move into the room. There are at least seven, all in bright white armor, their faces unseeable*


*Lizzie, Ben, and Amy fire in the vicinity of the Elites, trying to pin them down*

Jen: *Slides in cover beside Mary, looks at her, and nods, priming a frag grenade and tossing it over her shoulder. The grenade kills one Elite, but the other two that were near it jump out of the way, only their shields getting knicked*

Rusty: *fires shotgun* Take that, you bastard!!!

*The shot only knicks one of the Elite's shields, and he turns, firing on you with a plasma rifle. The searing-hot plasma scorches your shields, taking them to almost zero*

Emily: *Peeks up and shoots the same Elite twice in the head, then gets back into cover* Their shields are too strong for our weapons!


Rusty: *tosses a frag grenade*

*Kills two Elites. Suddenly, a plasma lands right in front of you and Emily*

Emily: *Looks at you* Nice knowing ya! *Leaps into cover a few feet away*

*The grenade explodes as you leap into cover not far away, taking out your shields and scorching your armor. You feel a hot pain on your left leg as you get up against your new cover*

Rusty: Gah!!!! *holds left leg in pain*

Mary: Seven! Damn it...

*One Elite leaps over Ben's cover, looking down at him with a chuckle. Ben stands and backs away slightly, the Elite jumping down in front of him and activiting a plasma-dagger on its right wrist, thrusting it forward. Ben darts to the right, pulling out his combat knife in a blur of motion, stabbing the Elite's arm in the side as it thrusts it out, then rips outward, cutting the arm open. As the Elite roars in pain, he slips behind it and leaps onto its back, taking his knife to the back of its head. It falls forward onto the ground with him on the back, and he lands and rolls, dodging plasma fire as Amy slips in, grabbing an unused plasma grenade off of its body and activating it, throwing it into one of the three remaining Elites. The other two look at their stuck partner for a second before the grenade goes off, taking all three of them with it. The area becomes quiet.*

Rusty: *struggles up* Gah!!! Dammit!!! That elite got a lucky shot!!

*There's a burning sensation in your left leg that isn't going away.*

Mary: We need evac. We're done here. Hurry up before more of them come.

Jen: Another one, coming in!

*One last Elite enters. It has a look of authority to it, with bright, shining golden armor and a large headpiece.*

Jen:'s a General...

Rusty: Fuck...*aims shotgun at him*

*The Elite sees you first and runs at you, the rest of your team firing on him as he runs at you, bringing out a plasma sword and looking at you with threatening eyes as he converges on you. You back up as he leaps over your cover, lunging at you, and fire your shotgun. Still, his shields don't go down. He looks up at you and lunges again. Thinking fast, you press your fingers to the touchpad of the shield, and it deploys just in time. As the Elite's plasma sword connects with it, the sword dissipates, deactivating. Both you and the Elite blink with surprise. You have the upper hand for a few seconds. You look at the angular shape of the shield and decide to thrust it forward. Your ingenuity pays off: the tip of the shield pierces the Elite's chest armor.*

*The Elite roars in pain, grabbing its chest, its shields down. Emily fires three rounds into its head, and the third shot pierces the helmet, taking him down*

Rusty: For a moment there, I thought I was gonna die...*stares at the shield* Looks like this can be used a weapon as well as a shield...

*As you step forward, you cringe, the burning sensation returning in your leg*

Rusty: Gah!!! Dammit, that hurts!!

Mary: Let's get you to medical. *On the com* Requesting evac at the rear entrance*

Coms: Copy. Rolling in now.

Emily: *Puts a hand on your shoulder*

Rusty: *looks at Emily* Glad to see that you're ok, Emily.

Emily: Pfft. I'd be heartbroken if you weren't.

Rusty: Really?

Emily: Get goin', Romeo.

Rusty: Oh HO!

*Soon, you're back in the med bay on the Brinehammer. Your leg has been badly burnt by the plasma grenade and is being treated*

Rusty: *laying in the bed*

*The door opens*

Rusty *sighs* Dammit! I hate being stuck in bed!!

Doctor: Then you should be more careful in battle!

Rusty: Easier said than done, doc...

Doctor: Well, the treatment is done. You'll be released tomorrow. *Walks out*

*You sit there alone*

Rusty: I can't wait that long... *tries to get up and leave*

*A searing pain in your leg stops you cold*

Rusty: Aghh!!!

*You lay back down, breathing hard, trying to suppress the pain and relax.*

*An hour're still lying in the bed. Bored out of your mind. Too bad you don't have your old PSP.*

*The door opens again*

Rusty: Look doc, I'm takin it easy, ok?

Emily: *Walks in, wearing a cute, white t-shirt with blue UNSC logo on the front, and form-fitting dark-blue jeans. Her soft, shoulder-length brown hair moves back and forth like silk as she peeks in with a small smirk*

Rusty: H-hey, Emily. *can't help but smile*

Emily: So you've been a bad Spartan, huh? Gotta be given your medicine?

Rusty: I'm not the type to just lie in bed.

Emily: Really? You sure look like it. You do it a lot. *Smiles teasingly*

Rusty: *smirks* Oh was better me than you. If anything ever happened to you, I could never forgive myself...

Emily: You really care about your friends, don't you?

Rusty: Yeah...I do care about my friends. A lot.

Emily: *Leans her butt against the table beside of you, crossing her arms* I figured. It's why I come down here all the time when you're hospitalized. No one else seems to care enough to visit you unless they need something. If Steve were here, HE'D visit you. He always talked business, but that was just a front. You could tell he cared. We need more people like that.

Rusty: Tell me about it. But I'm glad that you care about me. *smiles*

Emily: *Smiles* So...what now? Didn't you say you had some info you needed to get to Halsey?

Rusty: Yeah. *pulls out folder* I keep it on me at all times. I haven't read it myself.

Emily: Do you have any idea what it's for?

Rusty: It's for some sort of A.I. that can think for itself. Project Cortana from what I've been hearing.

Emily: Cortana? Isn't that Halsey's personal A.I.? Like a copy of herself? She was given to Spartan 117 for some special mission. I heard from the other members on the team. Something big happened on Reach.

Rusty: Yeah. Reach was glassed.

Emily: Yeah, I know. But I REALLY big. Anyway, what can that folder be for if Cortana is already finished and issued to a Spartan?

Rusty: Maybe it's her specs...maybe to recreate it if anything would happen to her. Who knows?

Emily: But she would already have that info, right?

Rusty: That's why we need to find her.

Emily: Right. Well, whatever this is, I'm in it with you. This is what Steve and everyone else died for. It's what "I" died for. Let's finish that mission from way back then.

Rusty: And I promise I won't let you die again. I swear it, Emily...

Emily: Yeah, I got that. *Looks concerned* I'm not going to die THAT easily. Not again, anyway.

Rusty: *nods* To be honest...when I thought you did die...I...well let's just say...losing you guys had a huge impact on me...more than anyone else...

Emily: *Raises an eyebrow* How would you know how much of an impact it had on others?

Rusty: True...but it felt like an empty void that couldn't be filled...let's just say that...*stares at his right arm*.....a lot has happened since our first date, huh?

Emily: That third date still needs to be set up. How about dinner and a movie again? *Grins*

Rusty: Why not? Maybe you can pay this time.

Emily: *Laughs* Ahahaha! Sure, let the girl pay. You're walkin' a tightrope here, Spartan.

Rusty: Hey...*raises an eyebrow* A tightrope, eh? Hey, I bought dinner last night and we went on a romantic walk as well.

Emily: Oh yeah. And the locals were SO friendly.

Rusty: Yeah. They even gave a souvenir!

Emily: *Pushes her butt off of the table, walking to the door* I have to go. Stop by sometime so we can hang out. *Looks at you and smiles* You said you'd teach me sign language sometime.

Rusty: Il'l be able to tomorrow. And Emily?...Thanks. *smile*

Emily: *Nods* Yeah. *Walks out, the door closing behind her*

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